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The traditional media outlets in Ghana enjoy a large amount of freedom. Earlier, it was not possible for the outlets to undergo the freedom for a wide number of socio-political issues. But the scenario is different at present and the media houses have ample freedom for their own. The constitution of the country has banned censorship on media outlets so that they could run their activities perfectly. In fact, the absence of media censorship has made one of the freest media environment in the country. Such freedom is not available in the other African nations.

The history of Ghana media has an enriched history. The role of journalism is highly appraised to maintain the democracy in the country. the media outlets express the thoughts of the people and also contribute to forming the economy of the country by playing a sustainable role. The inner issues of the country are exposed to a certain extent by the media outlets. They actually voice the thoughts and emotions of the commoners and since there are no restrictions, they can do it better. Even the president also allows the media outlets to criticize him and his policies as well. The political liberalism is the key to this freedom.

The programs and shows are made with some interesting topic. The common people have their chances to participate in the discussion that takes place on radio and television. They can make phone calls to inform or express their own concerns and opinions. Even the private media outlets are also able to criticize the government and they are free to do it. They do not have to bear any direct or indirect punishment for this.

The role of mass media in the country for the independent was adorable. The media houses raised their voice for creating the campaign for the independence of the nation. Besides, they also play a role in maintaining the national unity and balance. Democracy and development are largely liable to the country’s media outlets. In fact, it would not have been possible for the country to establish a nice and wonderful democracy and political activities without the direct support from media outlets.

The history of the media outlets, particularly the print media outlet dates back to 1822. It was a single newspaper at that time with a local language under the colonial rule. But with the passage of time, there have been significant changes. And a good number of media outlets are operating in the country. They include print, broadcast and online media. At present, English is used for media outlet publications while earlier, some local languages were used for the purpose.

Over 45 print media outlets are operating in the country now and most of them are dailies. They provide the audience with a wide range of news and information to the audience. The circulation of the newspapers is also adorable and far better than the neighboring countries. Some of the newspapers are under the state while a large chunk of them are privately owned. But often complaints are made without any significant pieces of evidence.

Though television was introduced in the country in 1965, at present there are over 50 television channels are under operation at different frequencies. They come with wide number of news and information for the audience. And in fact, this is a great source of entertainment for the local people of the country. The majority of the houses have their own television sets and they can access any of the channels that they want.

About 10 radio stations are operating in the county and they are operating without any trouble. Most of the radios have their own programs that attract the attention of the listeners. The absence of media censorship has helped greatly to shine on this media outlet.

The number of the internet users is also adorable. And the number is increasing in the present days. The internet users mostly use the internet for social communication and earn knowledge about the world events.

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