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The media outlets in Guinea-Bissau is formed with print, broadcast and internet outlets. But the media outlets are the subject of harsh treatment from the government and individual level. The media outlets are controlled by the government and they have no saying in this cases. Besides, authorities with power treat the media badly. And the same thing happens on an individual level. People who have their connection with the security forces and drug dealers also treat the same to the media outlets. So, there has been a fearsome climate in the outlets and they are obliged to follow some self-censorship.

A good number of the media outlets are run by the state while there are some private outlets are available as well. And they are running their operation amid different troubles. In fact, each of the outlets has their government version and they cannot run independently. Financial instability is a prime cause of the instability.

Although the freedom of the press is ensured by the state’s constitution, they are rarely followed. The government reacts negatively on the issues of drug dealing, political turbulence, rebel issues and more. So, this is a bit critical for the media outlets, especially the privately owned outlets to run their operation smoothly. So, often the journalists protest against such issues by signing petitions about censorship and detention of journalists.

Some specific rulers of the country turn negative to the media outlets when their personal interest is hampered. Sometimes they demonstrate intimidation to the media outlets to serve their purposes, and it happens mostly with the private media outlets. Even the media outlets are instructed to follow some self-censorship so that they can survive without a struggle. In fact, getting involved in a clash with the government is not a good idea for them. So, the journalists, editors and media people practice a self-censorship. They do not publicize or broadcast issue that is related to the state security or goes against the rulers.

If the journalists are found violating the self-censorship, they are often harassed and even get threats of the outlet shutdown. In fact, the government takes attempts to silence the media critiques. They arrest the media and harass them till the last moment. The government blame that the media outlets promote the rebel and thus they take legal or illegal actions against the outlets. As a result, the media outlets cannot work freely across the country even for a single day. Considering the matters, there have been some outside calls as well to reduce the harassment of the journalists and ensure freedom of expression.

The relationship between the state and the press is not so adorable. The press wants to publish the news and information about everything while the government places a ban on them and the media outlets became the subject of censorship after the civil war in the country. Even the government is also unfriendly to the foreign media outlets as well. It charged some foreign journalists for defamation and even the events of arrests also take place.

There are around 14 newspapers are available in the country, and they provide a wide number of generalized information for the audience. The print media outlets cover economy, culture, health and entertainment issues. The media outlets try to maintain the self-censorship for their survival.

There are three television channels in the country and they operate in different languages. They come up with diversified programs and shows for their nationwide audience. Television is also a great source of entertainment for the local people.

Around eight radio stations have their outlets in the country and broadcast using mostly the local languages. The number of radio programs is adorable. They not only broadcast the interesting issues, they also have news and information. And this is one of the greatest sources of entertainment for the country people.

The internet is an important mode of communication in present days in the country. And the number of users is also on the rise. Besides, a notable number of outlets are based on the internet which is frequently visited by people to know about the news and information of home and abroad.

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