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Port Moresby

The media outlets of Guinea are primarily made of print, broadcast and online outlets. The country possesses a liberal attitude towards media but that is to a certain level. So, the media outlets have to follow some rules and regulations before publication and broadcast. They need to ensure the authenticity of the news and information. Besides, sometimes they are also to refrain from publishing news and information that there is no panic created among the mass people.

The literacy rate is higher in this country (36 percent) than the neighboring ones, and so the readership is. The newspapers have a good number of circulation. And they publish the news and reports in some local and international language. A majority of the local populations are of Muslim community and so the media outlets do not publish something harmful for the religious views of the people. They also respect the other religious views. Officially, French is used across the country but some tribal languages are also available. The media outlets publish and broadcast their contents using both the types of languages.

The government tries to dominate the media outlets but most of the cases, this is not possible for them to handle everything. The media outlets are not dominated to a greater extent. In some cases, the media outlets are not allowed to access information. Then they follow some alternative methods to get the information.

A large portion of the media outlets are owned by the government but the number is smart for the private media outlets as well. the private media outlets criticize the government while the state-owned outlets play the role of spokesman for the government. The newspapers are not published regularly. And there are some fortnightly newspapers are also available. Those outlets are unable to meet the needs of the people perfectly. Some independent weeklies are also published in the country but they also are less popular than the daily newspapers.

The television and radio stations are available in the country and they broadcast in different languages. Among the all other media outlets, radio is the most important one and accessible from any corner of the country. The rate of illiteracy is prevalent in the country and thus people are more addicted to radio.

The country’s media outlets have suffered different types of troubles in past and the situations have been normalized in the present days. The effect of Ebola is one of the most noted ones. journalists have been killed with Ebola attack in 2014 and it was the greatest blow to the media outlets. They went to collect news and information about the outbreak of the disease.

The media freedom is ensured by the constitution but its implementation is not available to the desired extent. Actually, the real scenario of press freedom is weak in the country. If the media outlets violate some of the government policies, they are to pay a higher amount of fine. The law of access to information is not maintained always and all these cause trouble the media outlets.

At present, three newspapers are available across the county and they are mostly published in the local and French language. A generalized news and information are available in the newspaper. But they strictly maintain the ethical standard. However, the readership of newspapers is lower for the higher rate of illiteracy.

Radio is the most preferred media outlets in the country and comes with a wide number of programs and events. It has become popular because of its accessibility. There are five radio stations in Guinea and they play a crucial role in forming public opinions or to inform them about different issues.

The use of the internet is available in the country and there are some online media outlets are also available. The literate people use the outlets to know about the country and the world. But the outlets are in poor state due to lack of resource and sponsors.

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