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Media outlets in Ivory Coast are formed with print and broadcast media. There are daily newspapers and television channels and radio stations are available in the country. But the media outlets are controlled by the government like all the other neighboring countries. As a result, the media outlets are unable to express their thoughts and opinions. An administrative wing from the government is responsible for the monitoring and takes according measures for controlling the media outlets.

Besides, the government has its own media outlets which are operated to create a positive image for it. Some of the leading newspapers and television outlets are owned by the government. And it also helps the people to know about the latest updates from the government. So, they have been playing a great role indeed. But being the government outlets, they are exposed to less trouble than the other media outlets. Their operation is smooth and they have almost no bar on them while publishing or broadcasting news and information.

The role of mass media in the country is undeniable. They have been playing roll from a long time ago. Since the civil war of the country in 2011, the media outlets are operating in the country amid turbulence. So, they know how to adapt to the situations and was used as a tool for propaganda in that time. Both the pro and anti-government bodies used the media outlets to campaign in favor of them. But when the conflicts were over, the media outlets have played the role of clearing some abusive words and languages. And it was a great job for the media.

But despite the positive role of media in the country, the government still imposes a bar on them and they cannot publish the exact thing that the people need to know. A sense of self-censorship is imposed on the media and thus they exercise the censorship exactly. The constitution of the country tells for the free expression of the media but that is rarely maintained. A significant number of restriction is imposed on the outlets. Often the media rights are violated by the ruling government. The media outlets are challenged in almost all the cases and thus they are unable to maintain the professionalism. They become biased.

Around 22 newspapers are available in the country and they come with a wide variety of news and information for the readers. But unluckily the number of readerships is lower for the newspaper as the literacy rate is not higher in the country. Besides, the newspapers do not always provide the right and necessary information for the readers. This is a drawback for the print media. The newspapers are published mostly using local languages.

Radio is the most popular media in the country and there are 14 radio stations across the country. They come with a huge number of programs and shows for the listeners. But this media outlet is also the subject of censorship from the government and never broadcast any report or information they may damage the government’s image to create any anarchy in the country.

Seven television channels are available here and they broadcast a wide range of programs. This is also an important source of entertainment for the locals as well. they enjoy the television shows. The same censorship is imposed here.

But the government has fewer restrictions on the internet. A good number of people use the internet and they use it mostly for social communication.

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