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The traditional media outlets of Kenya are made with print, broadcast and electronic media. They play a great role to the countrymen by providing a wide range of news and information. The literacy is rate is a bit lower in the country but the print media outlet has shone greatly despite the obstacles. The government policy for media is liberal and thus freedom of expression is not a trouble for them. The media outlets are allowed to criticize some of the government policies but to a certain level. Moreover, the media outlets are careful about the matter that they will not make public any news or information that may cause or create anarchy in the country.

The flourishment of the media outlets began after the independence of the country and had a devastating effect. Due to the systematic schemes, the media outlets have reached their peak and now operating to a greater extent. The media outlet in the country does not bully the nation like the neighboring countries. Besides, with the initiative of the media outlets, it has become a vibrant media in the surrounding region.

But in some cases, the media outlets are unable to be liberal and they reflect the colonial expression that they suffered. They often seem biased to the ruling party. And in some points, they are prone to hide the real truth that was supposed to be informed by the people. Since there are fewer controls on the media outlets, they enjoy a freedom and often exploit it. Interestingly, sometimes, the government executives are also irritated by the media outlets and their activities.

The media outlets, particularly the print media outlets are separated into four categories. Some of them are published on a daily basis, there are some regional newspapers, some of them are magazines while some others are available in urban areas. Almost all of the newspapers are published in local languages and there are some English publications are available as well. The newspapers contain the news information of a wide number of matters.

The circulation of print newspapers is adorable. The circulation number is around 400,000 for all the print media outlets. The churches are also engaged in magazine publication and that is about the religious perspectives. The spread of literacy began here through the missionaries and the trend is going on. People know how to read and write very well. But there are some newspapers who protect the business interest either of large corporations or for individuals. They become the safeguard for the business people and their interests.

The government is also liberal to the foreign media outlets. It allows the foreign media to continue operating inside the country. And many of the foreign media outlets have their correspondents in the country. Accreditation cards are issued to the media personnel to collect news and information and attend in different state programs.

Around 10 mainstream print media outlets are dominating the country and they are published on a regular basis in different local and international language. They come with a wide number of issues and events. Most of the media outlets focus on the generalized issues. But sometimes, they are seen criticizing the government as well. However, the overall acceptance of the print media outlets is remarkable.

Kenya has over 15 television channels and they come with different types of news and shows for the audience. Besides, some the channels are dedicated to specific purposes (such as music) only. The audience all over the country enjoy the shows and programs on the television.

Radio is a popular form of media outlets in the country and there are over 90 FM stations are available. The listenership of the radio stations is more than the other types of media outlets. The radio broadcast is mostly done with the local and English language. Different types of shows and events are available through the radio stations.

Recently, there has been a rise in the use of the internet. People have now started using the internet for different purposes. They use the internet for browsing the online media outlets and for social communication purposes.

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