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The overall media outlet conditions in Mali is not satisfactory. In line with the neighboring countries, the rate of literacy is lower here which is the primary barrier for the flourishment of the media outlets. Besides, the government has some restrictions on the media outlets which also plays an important role to hinder the growth. Considering everything, the media outlets have failed to reach the standard limit.
The print media outlets are the most sufferers. First of all, they do not have much readership due to higher illiteracy rate across the country. And the majority of the newspapers are published based on the weekly or bi-weekly basis. And this is considered as one of the mainstream media outlets in the country. The newspapers come with a wide range of news and information for the audience though a few of them are able to apprehend the meaning of the news and information.
Moreover, the media contents are also filtered by the respective authority. In fact, several government bodies are there to check the media contents and if they find any types of violations of the rules, they take punitive measures against the outlets. So, for their survival, the media outlets follow some strict principals in the country. They do not publish any news or information that may be proved as a threat to the state security. A sense of self-censorship is imposed in the media outlets.
But there are some changes too in the media environment. Some of the independent newspapers are establishing themselves as influential media outlets. Some associations have been formed by the journalists to get their rights and other issues. Besides, the events of harassments do not go unnoticed at the present time like before. The journalists have started raising their voice against the oppression and injustices on them.
Regarding the application of language, the media outlets use the French language in most cases. In fact, most of the newspapers are published in the French, and the majority of the population use the language for their communication. But the television and radio stations apply some other languages for their broadcast in line with French. Some local dialects are applied for broadcasting in radio and television.
Collecting news and information from some specific parts of the country is highly upsetting because of the conflicting situations. Some serious troubles are underway in some parts of the country between the security forces and rebel groups. So, when the journalists will go there to get news and information, there are chances for them to get injured or even killed as well. And this is the same for the local and foreign journalists. Thereby, the regions are often not covered by the media outlets.
Around 15 newspapers are under operation in the country and some of them are published in local languages. The readership of newspapers is relatively lower than its population because of the higher illiteracy rate. The newspapers have some self-censorship to follow. They also published mostly generalized news and information for their audience.
Radio is the widely used media outlet in the country and comes with a coverage across the nation. A majority of the radio stations are based on community and funded from different local and international sources. They have a wide audience across the country and they come with different types of news and information for the audiences. Some of the radio stations have their own specified audiences too.
There are two television stations available at present in the country and they cover the entire nation. The television programs are not that much interesting and come up with some necessary information for their audiences.
The use of the internet is also noticeable in the country and mostly it is used for social communication purposes. But some of the youths use the internet for knowing about the world happenings too.

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