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Port Louis

Despite being a small country and economy in consideration of population size, Mauritius has a strong media. The media outlets are made of print and broadcast outlets. And the freedom expression is guaranteed by the constitution. Among the other types of media outlets, television is the most popular one for many reasons. But the state-owned television station is the reflection of the government thinking.
But the coverage from the other media outlets is balanced. They provide a generalized information on different types of issues which are not available on the television channel. Some foreign radio stations are available in the country as well which provide the international news and information for the audience. The overall media climate is appraisable in the country and there are fewer dominations from the government on the media outlets like the neighboring nations.
And this has been possible for the implementation of the democracy in the country. None of the governments are able to interfere on the media outlets unless there are any serious crimes committed by them. When the issue is about state security, the situations are a bit different. The government is able to take stern actions against the law violators or the outlets related to the matter. But such events are less frequent than the other countries and media outlets are aware of the matter. They do not publish or broadcast any such information that could be upsetting for the country and the nation.
A majority of the media outlets publish or broadcast using the French or the English language. But in most of the cases, French is preferred as a wide number of people use French as the key language for communication. But some Chinese newspapers are also available in the region as there are some Chinese people living here as well from a long ago. So, the presence of Chinese dailies is also noticeable. Most of the newspapers here are privately owned and are able to freely express their thoughts.
But all the newspapers are not available in the daily basis. Some of them come with a biweekly or monthly basis as well. And some of the newspapers are bilingual. Again, some of the newspapers have publication using the Arabic language too.
The media outlets in the country enjoy a good amount of freedom. The number of random arrest or detention is fewer. And if complaints are found against the law enforcers, the issue is deeply checked and investigated. But when false information is published, the broadcast or newspaper authority cannot avoid the liabilities.
Over 50 newspapers are available in the country now and they are operating for a long time without any trouble. They provide wide number of news and information for the audience across the country. The newspaper outlets always try to provide the best and authentic news to the readers. And the readership of newspapers is also higher than the neighboring countries.
The number of television stations has crossed 60 and they come with a good variety of programs and shows. In fact, television is the main source of entertainment for the people in the country and they have their targeted groups of audiences. So, the television channels are widely enjoyed across the country and people get entertained.
Around 26 radio stations are operational in the country and they have different types of programs for their audiences. Musical shows are more popular than any other types of programs or events on the radio stations. The radio broadcast is done using the local dialects and some of them have foreign languages too.
The use of the internet is also noticeable. A large number of youths are associated with the internet use and they use it for social communication mostly.

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