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The media outlets of Mayotte islands are not so much enriched and the number of media outlets is also fewer. In fact, the island has only a couple of newspapers. And the mainstream media outlets are absent here. The restrictions on media outlets are not prevalent in the region. Besides, the number of the television channel is also lower here. So, in a word, the media outlets have not bloomed in the region and the majority of the people are also not so much interested in media activities.

All the things happened because this is a small island and under French domination. The locals of the island have not been independent even in this modern age. They want to stay under the domination of the colonization. They are mostly dependent on the colonizers. Several attempts had been taken so far to merge them with the neighboring countries or islands. But the locals of the island did not agree with the matter.

So, all the efforts were valueless and media outlets also failed to take any special attempt to make it independent. The locals of the island are a bit introvert. In fact, they do not want to share the emotions with the outer world. And so, they hide from the media outlets. The fall of the media outlets in rising because of the people’s reluctance towards media, especially the print media outlets have a severe drop in the number of circulation.

The available media outlets are operated using the French language. Although there are some local dialects are available, the French is widely used in the island. The radio station runs its programs using the French. Sometimes, some foreign languages are also used to broadcast some specific events.

But there are some restrictions while broadcasting or publishing news and information. The French constitution has set a parameter for media outlet activities. The media outlets of the island are not allowed to publish such information or news that may create any anarchy in the island. Besides, the media outlets are also not allowed to criticize the French government. When the media outlets criticize the government, it is considered as a crime against the nation and punitive measures are available for the crime.

Regarding the newspaper, the island has a single newspaper. And this is not published on daily basis. Rather, it is published on a weekly basis. And it contains the generalized news and views of the island. Sometimes, it provides with some international news and events as well.

The island has a single television station and that is operated for a couple of hours in a day. The television station has some schedules of broadcasting different programs during the broadcast hour. And the people wait eagerly for the hours to arrive.

The island has five radio stations altogether. And one of the stations is AM while the four others are FM stations. The radio stations broadcast a wide range of programs and shows. The number of radio listeners is more than the other types of media outlets. In fact, this is the greatest source of entertainment for the local people of the island.

The use of the internet is not so much prevalent in the country. Only a few of the people have their access to the internet, and they often use it for social communication purpose. But some of them use the internet to know about the world.


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