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The media outlets of Nigeria are considered as one of the liveliest one in Africa. The media outlets enjoy a good amount of freedom and can express their ideas and thoughts. The media history of the country is long and enriched. The government runs a couple of the outlets and they broadcast and publish the news and events in an exact manner. The audience of the media outlets has their own preference to pick the right one for them after their needs. The state television and radio is operated at the regional and federal level.

Radio is the most popular media outlet in the country and the radio stations are available across the nation. In fact, this is the key source of information for all ages of people who have their contacts with the media outlets. When people need to know something, they switch their radios on to know about the matter. Radio stations keep broadcasting news and information of different interests. Some of the foreign radio stations are also available in the country and they are operating without any hurdles.

But the other media outlets like newspapers and televisions are not so much popular. And there are several reasons behind this lack of popularity. The television stations are not available in the entire country but to some selected areas. This is similar to the newspapers as well. And sometimes, the news and information available on such outlets are of no use to the audience. So, they have lost appeal to the commoners to some extent in the present day.

Earlier, journalism in the country was free and fair. But with the passage of time, the process has been barred to many extents. Often, the journalists are subject to threat and physical violence. They are also denied access to the sources of information. They get rejected by police and the authorities while collecting the news and information for their respective media outlets. Some of the militant outlets also impose a threat to the media to bar their free expression.

The media outlets could have shined better if the constitution could be imposed rightly. A huge population, diversified beliefs, political anarchy etc. all are hindering the media advancement in the country. As a result, confusion and frustration are on the rise in the media outlets and the commoners have been losing their interests in the media.

A wide range of media outlets is operating in the country as this is a big one. The media outlets try to broadcast and publish their contents using the local and the international languages. English is used as the second language in the media outlets.

Over 35 newspapers are under operation in the country and they come with several languages. Some of the newspapers are daily while some others are published in monthly and weekly basis. The newspapers mostly publish some generalized news and information for the readers across the nation. They also follow some self-censorship. In fact, they do not want to go any conflict with the government and so, they try to obey the censorship. And thus, they do not publish any news or reports that could go against the government or create any sense of anarchy among their readers or inside the country.

Over 20 television stations are available in the country and they are operated from different parts. They use several languages to reach their audiences across the nation and broadcast a wide range of programs and events. They also have some selected group of audience who enjoy the shows and events.

Radio is the most favorite outlet in the country and it is available across the nation. The radio outlets are available in almost all the local languages. And they also provide a wide range of programs for the listeners. In fact, it has become the source of primary information for the countrymen.

The use of the internet is prevalent in the present days but most of the people use internet for their social communication. A tiny portion of them uses the internet to know about the world. Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the country.

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