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The media outlets in Seychelles is almost similar to the other African nations. The government is the key player here and wants to control the outlets. Sometimes, it becomes hard for the government to control the media outlets. But some of the outlets are rebellious and been continuing their operation amid thousands of barriers before them. Earlier, the conditions were highly disturbing for the media outlets. They could not operate their outlets freely.
But in the present days, the media outlets are experiencing some extra features. The costs and fees for operating media outlets have been reduced to some extent which has brought a sense of relief to them. Besides, the number of independent media outlets is also on the rise. As a result, the role and influence of the state-run media have been curbed to some extent. And a sense of competition has been created among all types of media outlets.

Moreover, there have been changes in the types of media reporting. Earlier, there were a couple of issues to discuss in the media. And the media outlets used to focus on them only. But in recent years, the media outlets have started covering a wide number of issues and events. In fact, the development of changing the topics began in 2014. And the media outlets are now dealing with diversified issues.

The country has several languages and the newspapers and other media outlets are run using both the English and the French language. Unluckily, the readership of newspapers is less than the other types of media outlets. The rate of literacy is moderate but the readers are reluctant to read the news and information that they see before them in the newspapers. But they are fond of listening to news and information from the radio stations.

The constitution of the country ensures the freedom of the press. But in reality, the government has to curb the freedom to some extent. There are some conditions when the freedom is allowed and in some other cases or if the conditions are violated, the government turns rigid towards the media outlets, especially when it is about national security issues or issues related with the government policies or defense. Besides, the issue of public security is also taken a good care in this case. In fact, when the government turns rigid to the media outlets, it always should not be considered as the repressive attitude of the government.

The government becomes so to protect the interests of the government and of the ordinary men living in the country. Actually, in the present days, a media outlet is able to bring a positive or even detrimental change in the society. Hence, the government of the country is aware of the issue and has imposed some restrictions on the media outlets so that they follow the rules which would help to maintain a balance in the society.

The country has a single daily newspaper and that is published from Monday to Friday. The newspaper is available in the local language and is also available in print and online version. The newspaper mostly provides a wide number of issues and generalized information for the public use. But the newspaper authority is careful about the censorship and in fact, it maintains the self-censorship. It helps the newspaper to survive and serve the nation.

The country has three radio stations. Among the stations, two of them are FM while the remaining one is AM. The radio stations cater the needs of the people across the nation. A good number of news and shows are available on the radios. Besides, the radio stations are the most popular mode of information for the local people there.
There are two television stations available in the country and they broadcast a wide number of issues for the audience. Entertaining shows and events are widely popular in the country and the television channels broadcast the events round the days.

The country has a single internet service provider and thus the internet-based media outlets have not bloomed so much. The people who have access to the internet mostly use it for their social communication and to meet some other purposes.

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