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The traditional media outlets in Somalia are experiencing some rainy days. The country is politically and economically unstable. And so, the media outlets have not shined in the country like other neighboring nations. The expression of freedom has its limit. The journalists have different roles to play together. They can bring some consciousness in the society by playing the roles like improving the socioeconomic conditions, increasing literacy rates, and others.

The primary media outlets of the country consist of different television channels, radio stations, newspapers and internet-based outlets. Besides, there are some foreign media outlets are also in operation in the country. And all of them try to expose the truth. In some points, they become successful and in most other cases, they cannot for the state rules and regulations. The print media outlets are playing informative roles to disseminate the current events and happenings around.

But some of the media outlets are partisan. They provide some biased news and information for the readers and audiences. So, the media is often divided into several parts. Some of the outlets try providing some fabricated information while the remaining others try to curb the domination of that news and information. As a result, the media outlets are often engaged into a silent brawl with one another. The media outlets which favor the government policies get some special attention from the government. On the other side, the outlets which criticize the policies or the government itself are not favored by the state.

But journalism in the country is not secured. In fact, journalism is experiencing a hostile environment there. Even the journalists have fear of losing lives and damages of their properties and others. Everything has made it a dangerous country for the journalists. The people who are engaged in journalism are considered as the bravest people. In fact, they are taking part in the profession knowing that they might be even executed for no reasons by anyone. And this might take place for their profession. And the murderers will go unpunished. Though a committee has been formed to protect the journalists, those are not capable to provide security to all of the journalists of the country.

Despite the situations, the media outlets are operating in the country. And newer types of media outlets are emerging recently which have gained popularity indeed. Radio could be cited in this case. Newer radio channels have emerged and have become a dominant medium of disseminating news and information across the country.

Several languages are used for the operation of the media outlets including the English and the Arabic. But Somali language is the most popular language among the people. So, most of the media outlets use the local language for either their publication or for broadcasting. Some of the foreign media outlets use the local language too for their broadcasting inside the country.

There around eight newspapers are available across the country and they provide a wide number of news and information for the readers. They are published in Arabic, English and Somali language. The print media outlets always maintain a sense of self-censorship while publishing news and information for the readers. Generalized information is disseminated through the print media. Being a low readership, the print media outlets are not available across the country. Those are available in large cities only.

Over 10 radio outlets are operational in the country and they come with a wide variety of programs for the listeners. The radio stations are available across the nation and the broadcast mostly in Somali, English and Arabic languages. Radio is the most popular media outlet in the country and the number of listeners is huge.

There are seven television stations are available in the country and among them, one is run by the state. The television channels broadcast different types of interesting events and shows for the nationwide audience. But a few of the television stations broadcast round the day. While broadcasting news, the authority maintains a strict sense of self-censorship for their survival in the country.

The access to the internet is available in the country and so the number of internet-based media outlets is on the rise. Even, some of the newspapers have their internet versions as well. But most of the internet users use it for maintaining their social networks.

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