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Despite the underdevelopment condition of the nation comparing the neighboring states, the media outlets in the country are trying to bloom here. Poverty is the constant companion of many of the people but the media industry is prevalent amid many of the struggles. But the media outlets have their branches in major cities as the infrastructural facilities out of the cities are not sufficient for the growth. But the regular coverage of the nationwide events is not stopped for being the outlets in the center of the country. Almost all the events and happenings are found in the mainstream media outlets in a regular manner.

The journalists in the country are highly active. They provide their best efforts to gather the news and information of home and abroad. They work hard around the day and as a result, the audiences of the country are well-informed about the happenings. Besides, the country has a wide number of mainstream and indigenous media outlets. The outlets are aimed at a certain group of people. So, the contents differ from outlets to outlets. The journalists are highly active and play their roles amid different obstacles. The challenges are huge. The journalists lack logistical supports in many cases. Besides, they do not have financial stability as well. But they are relentless in collecting news and information for their audiences and reader groups.

The journalists face few extreme challenges. News gathering is one of them. In fact, they lack the capacity to collect the news and information for their media outlets owing some special challenges. And the issue of logistical support is a primary obstacle that hinders the passage. Their poor infrastructure is also largely responsible for the issue. As a result, they often do not get the right information. But as they have the sense of judging the matters and collecting information from a varied number of sources, they collect it, authenticate it and finally make it exposed for the public use.

Amid several types of media outlets, radio is the best one of them. In fact, radio is accessible from every part of the country. And there are a wide number of radio outlets are available here. But the number of private radio stations is increasing in the present day with the increased demand of the audience. The rate of literacy is comparatively lower here and so the people prefer to listen to news and information from radio. It has become a primary source of information for the countrymen. The development organizations are playing the key role to establish and improve the radio stations. And so, there is notable number of radio stations have appeared in the present days.

The newspapers and the other types of media outlets publish and broadcast their news and information using different local and international languages. English is a widely used language in the country while some other local dialects are also used in this case. Despite being an expensive media outlet to many of the local people, the newspapers are in the second position of the ladder of popularity among the other types of media outlets. And English is preferred here. Television channels are not so much popular because of the country has some infrastructural issues and lack of electricity.

Around 10 newspaper outlets are presently active in the country but some of them operate the newspapers from abroad. The newspapers provide some generalized information to the readers though the readership is marginal. And the media outlets maintain a sense of self-censorship to sustain their outlets. Some of the newspapers are published in daily basis while some others are published in weekly or bi-weekly basis. The newspapers are not always available to the majority of the rural areas.

The number of radio stations is over 30 and they are operating using a wide number of local and international languages. The radio contents are varied and they are the initial source of information to the audience. The number of listeners is also more than the other media outlets in the country.

Television stations are not that much bright in the country as radio and newspapers are. The number of television stations is fewer and they do not operate round the day. Some of the television channels operate for six hours in a day and in two or three languages. People are unable to enjoy the television programs as they do not have electricity across the country.

The use of the internet is visible in the country but the major cities are under the internet coverage. So, the internet-based outlets are not so much prevalent there. The majority of the people use the internet for their social communications.

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