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The media activities in Azerbaijan enjoys much freedom than other countries. A remarkable number of Azerbaijan newspaper and other media is operating in the country. Some of them are state-run while the majority of them are private. The state-owned media houses try to provide necessary information for the public interests while the privately owned media outlets try to make a profit in exchange for commercial activities like the advertisements, subscriptions, and other commercial tasks. The constitution of the state guarantees the freedom of media which is a plus for easy and smooth operation of the media houses inside the boundary.

The history of media in Azerbaijan is enriched and experienced a couple of stages since the late part of the 18th century and to reach today’s state, they had to undergo numerous steps. Economic and political relations were influential to form the present base of media in the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.

At present, three types of media outlets are available is Azerbaijan in Europe. They are – print media, television media, and radio broadcasting. But the print and broadcast media are either state-owned or privatized. But there are no troubles of synchronization among them.

Though the number of registered daily Azerbaijan newspaper is 30, currently 17 of the mainstream newspapers are in regular operation. They publish news and other information on a daily basis. Some of the newspapers are published in local Azerbaijani language, some others are published using Russian language and a notable number is published in the English language. So, a wide variety of language has enriched the print media.

Azerbaijan has three state-run television channels and the number is around 43 for private and regional television stations. People of the country are more addicted to television for meeting their recreational needs. They also use this media to know about news and other information. The ration of cable subscribers is also remarkable but it is mostly concentrated in the urban areas. Population in country areas are reluctant to cable connections.

Radio broadcasting in Azerbaijan is a bit less popular than the other media like television and newspaper. There are 27 radio stations altogether in the country while nine of them are AM stations, one shortwave station and 17 are FM. The radio network is primarily supported by the communication and information technology ministry.

The application of internet not so prevalent in the other countries. Over 60 percent of the population has access to the internet and they mostly use it for social communication. Hence, the online based news agencies are not growing here.

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