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The Kingdom of Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf. This is a small Arab constitutional monarchy and an island country which follows Islamic rules and practices. The country depends on activities other than oil. Media in Bahrain is restricted in some cases – particularly if there are any news and information is published undermining the religion and the government. Journalists here had suffered troubles and the top officials were sacked too. The situations and unrest in the beginning of 2010 and 11 were not satisfactory for media.

At present, media in the country refers to daily and weekly newspapers. Besides, there are some radio and television stations are also available. Some of the television and radio channels are owned by the government while the others run on private funding. The country still uses the Arabic language for the majority of its newspaper publications but there are some newspapers who prefer the English language. The Bahrain News Agency is responsible to relay necessary national and international news and other relevant information.

Censorship on the press is applicable in some particular cases. If the news or information violates the rules of religion or goes against the ruling family, the news is censored.

The first newspaper in Bahrain was published in 1940 and at present, there are around 12 daily and weekly newspapers available in the country. Majority of the newspapers publish news in Arabic while some other published in English. The dailies are more popular than the weeklies and it is estimated that the number of English readers in fewer. But the emergence of Malayalam language is prevalent in the current days for the increased population of this language.

In the beginning, television broadcast was done for five hours is a day but now there is significant improvement regarding television broadcast. Some pan- Arab broadcasters are available in Bahrain which some of the channels covering issues like politics, economy and other social issues of the local areas. Majority of the television contents usually focus on local issues and are produced with locally accepted languages.  Moreover, the mainstream domestic channels focus on government and their activities.

Around nine radio stations are operating in Bahrain. Each of the stations has their own types of programs. Some of the channels are for recreation while some preach religious matters. Different languages are used here including Arabic, English, Hindi, and Malayalam. Besides, the radio stations have their targeted audience.

Online newspapers are not emerging in the country for numerous reasons. In fact, people do not have much interest in reading online news though the number of internet users is approximately one million.

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