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Bhutan is a tiny land in Southeast Asia and the people of the country are peace loving. Importance of media in Bhutan is remarkable. Now, different types of media in Bhutan enjoys freedom but earlier, the situation was not so smooth as it is seen in the present day. Once Bhutan media services was controlled by the government and now there are some changes in the trend.

Some of the private newspapers in Bhutan are doing great and other media houses are also in operation inside the country, while they provide the best possible news and information. A notable number of newspapers are available in Bhutan while people have ample options to enjoy television programs and radio broadcasting as well.

Newspapers in Bhutan are divided into two segments. Some of the newspapers are published while some others are available in online. Diversified languages are used for newspaper publication. English is frequently used as the preferred language while publication. The number of newspapers in operation in Bhutan is approximately 12. Most of them are available in English and local language. They serve the nation with various types of news and information.

The government-owned newspaper, The Kuensel is unavailable every day. In fact, it is published in six days a week and available in both the local and English language. The newspaper has several competitors and started the journey back in 2006. But the emergence of other private newspapers has created a positive competition among the newspapers.

The expansion of television channel in Bhutan is a recent issue. Earlier, television was banned in Bhutan considering the Bhutan television impacts. Television broadcast in Bhutan began in 1999. Now there are two television channels – BBS TV and BBS 2. BBS refers to Bhutan Broadcasting Service. The channels broadcast different types of news, entertaining shows and documentaries. But the number of operating hours is limited. Besides, mismanagement of the television channels is a matter of concern for everyone.

The history of radio is not so old and shortwave operation began in 1991. FM radios stations started operation in 2000. And by 2005, the entire country came under the FM range. Before 2009, radio operation continued with breaks and did not last 24 hours like the present days. The radio stations use both the local and English languages. Sometimes the programs are repeated in the next day

The impact of social media in Bhutan is not prevalent in Bhutan like the other countries because people have recently started using electronic media. But the role of social media in Bhutan will emergence within next few years for the growing number of internet users.

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