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The Media in Cambodia has reached into a different height. In fact, media in the country enjoys the freedom and the number is increasing. Media in Cambodia refers to print, broadcast and online media. All of them have consisted the media across the nation. The number of Cambodia TV channel list is large and Cambodia television network has a wide audience. Luckily, media enjoys freedom in Cambodia than any other countries of the world. But this has brought some detrimental impacts on media.

Being free from all types of restriction, media in Cambodia has increased to an unwanted level. In fact, people the number of media is too many the locals fail to decide which one to read or watch. Besides, most of the media houses publish or broadcast unregulated news and information. Often it creates confusions among the audience.

Besides, there are some private media houses are also available who have their own media outlets. So, the contents are not the same for the state-run and private media houses.

Besides, lack of professionalism in journalism is another important matter to consider. The journalists and other associated people are not trained properly and thus unable to provide any useful news to the audience. They also do not have any sort ethics as well. Pressure from the government and private sectors also hamper the free flow of news.

Cambodia owns around 22 television stations and the first broadcasting began in 1966. The cable television programs are notable and many of the audiences are attracted to those. A majority of the locals are reluctant to enjoy the Cambodia television network shoes rather they prefer foreign channels and shows to pass their leisure hours.

The number of the radio station in Cambodia is enriched. At present, there are 65 FM stations and two AM stations. This is really a great number. But the radio operation is done using several languages and English radio in Cambodia is limited.

Newspapers enjoy a great flexibility inside the country. There are over 100 newspapers available in Cambodia. But not all of them are published daily. Actually, many of them cannot maintain a regular publication schedule for many reasons. Some of the newspapers play the role of agent for different political parties or for private companies and individual.

Biased news is everywhere in those newspapers and sometimes the journalists try to gain illegally based on hiding the real news. Several languages are used in newspaper publication and English newspapers are in a good state in Cambodia.

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