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Mass media in China underwent Chinese media censorship. In fact, the media in People’s Republic of China has bloomed in the recent time. There are a wide variety of media houses are available. Among them, the most notable are newspaper, television and radio. But the use of online media is also on the rise for the increased use of internet across the country.

The newspapers in China have some influence on the people but they are under supervision from the government. After the formation of China, the majority of the media were under the direct ownership of the state. And later, independent media outlets start emerging. A couple media regulating bodies take care of the media and their contents. But the newspapers and other media outlets operated out of the China mainland are not subject to this censorship and authority does not actually care for them.

How the Chinese government controls the media is actually a wonder even at this present age. Some of the issues are considered taboo for the government and publication of such issues have a restriction to a different level. The media outlets are not allowed to criticize any government policy, communism, religious matters and some other specific topics.

But the bans are not always effective for the media when there is a demand for such items on a commercial basis. Competition among the media outlets is increasing and to occupy the highest position, the outlets try beating their competitors in terms of providing attractive programs and contents.

The top Chinese media companies have eyed on newspaper publishing. And the number of the registered newspaper is over 2000 in the country. But not all of them are operational. Most of the newspapers are dailies, while there are weeklies, bi-weeklies and even monthly newspapers are available too.

Some of the largest media companies in China have opened television stations. At present, there are 60 nationwide television channels are operational with a wide variety of China TV shows. This is a great source for people to spend their leisure hours.

Radio in China is also used widely and at present over 3000 radio stations and almost each of the provinces has their own radio stations and people listen to the radio to know about the latest updates.

Us of the internet is restricted to some case in China. The government does not want the netizens to know more about the current happenings. Hence, the number of a web-based news agency is fewer. Most of the times, the internet users need to use proxy browsers to browse different newspaper sites to know about the outer world.

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