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Christmas Island is an extended territory of Australia. The island is officially known as the Territory of Christmas Island. The island is comprised of covering around 52 square miles and located in the Indian Ocean.

The number of population in the island is approximately 2000 and they live in different parts of the island. Life and living on the island is too simple and there are fewer complexities. The islanders live in peace and harmony round the year.

So, the use of media and media activities is not too much prevalent here like the other nations in the world. But the island got its access to some mainland media for purposes like entertainment of the islanders and communication. Different television channels and radio stations are relayed here using the satellite links.

However, the islanders have their freedom of speech. The local authority does not push the press to publish pro-government reports or articles. So, the press is undoubtedly free here. Since the number of population is small, there are fewer publications. Only a newspaper named – “The Islander” is published and this is a fortnightly publication. The publication is supported by the local people and relevant authorities.

A radio station, on the island, transmits both FM and AM waves. There are around 1000 radios in the islands. The number of employees on the island is few and most of them are volunteers from different other professions.

The island has around 600 television sets and the islanders enjoy the relayed programs. There is no television station on the island for broadcasting local events. The islanders mostly watch television programs broadcasted from the mainland. And they spend a notable hour in watching television programs. The island can receive many of the national and international television channels

Since the number of population is fewer for this island, the use of internet-based media is almost absent. Though there is broadband internet service providers are available, people mostly use internet for inter-personal communication than browsing newspapers.

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