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Media of Georgia consists of different types of media outlets including print, television, and radio. The country provides a safe environment for the media to operate. In fact, the neighboring countries do not allow so much freedom to their media industry.

Some of the media in the Republic of Georgia is state-owned. They publish and broadcast various types of programmes and contents. They do not care about making a profit. On the other side, the privately owned media outlets aim to make a profit in different ways. They try generating revenue by advertisement, sales and other types of subscriptions. Media in Georgia is undergoing a transition at present.

Though there is some political instability in the country, the media is still free and filled with diversity. Political interference on broadcasting or printing is not visible. So, media outlets are widely accepted in the country. Majority of the household have their own television sets and at least a single radio.

Print media in Georgia is a remarkable one but the circulation of this outlet is limited. The number of registered print media has crossed 500 and they provide with a diversified point of views. But due to authenticities, they have a good and loyal readership. In fact, print media is a great source of information in the country. the print media outlet consists of national and regional media. But few of them have regular publications. Most of the print outlets are published in form of dailies. The regionals are mostly weeklies. The print media is published in different languages while many of them have bilingual versions.

The radio broadcast in Georgia is also notable. The country has seven AM, 12 FM, and four shortwave radio stations. The radios mostly broadcast news and information including commentary on issues, pop music. There are some night shows which particularly popular. Majority of the radio stations are located in the center of the country while some others are located in different other parts. Music and entertainment is a great issue for the radio listeners.

Television in Georgia was introduced in the 1950s. Majority of the political information is derived from the television. At present, there are around 40 television stations across the country. Nine of the television stations are located in Tbilisi while the rest others are spread across the nation. The law of the country demands that the television stations should broadcast up to date information and news.

Internet access is limited for the nationals in Georgia. Around 49 percent population have internet access. The high prices and lack of necessary infrastructure have made internet unavailable to all. Hence, there are less online news agencies operating in the country. People mostly use internet for social communication purposes.

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