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Media in India has got a huge expansion. The media here include print, television, radio, website based newspapers and more. In fact, this is a large country and media got its expansion here to the fullest extent. Media operation is free of troubles in the country though there are some setbacks. Majority of the media houses are operated to make a profit and entertain the targeted audience.

Some of the media is owned by families, private business groups, and individuals. They are used to serve different purposes and often they publish biased news, articles, and information. The matters often raise a question about their credibility of the reports. Many of the media houses are disturbed by corruption and some of the neighboring countries deny to take their assistance in times of disasters for their fabricated news presentation.

Besides, a good number of mainstream media houses including print and television have been accused of manipulated news publications and airing. They do not follow the ethics and rarely obey the journalism rules.

Majority of the private media houses aim at making a profit and they have created ample opportunities for advertisement, subscriptions, selling copyrighted materials and other similar activities for generating their revenue.

At present, in India, there are over 70,000 newspapers are available while the number of satellite channels has crossed 1500. The number of newspaper readers in the country is largest in the world.

In India, there are about 1000 dailies published every day. The dailies are published in several languages. But Hindi and English are the most prominent languages here. The circulation of the daily newspapers has crossed 40 million. Btu the readership varies in terms of language. Hindi newspapers are more prominent and have crossed the accumulated number of all the English daily readers.

Besides, the magazines also play a role in this case. Different types of magazines are available across the country while the regional magazines are the most popular one.

At present, there over 850 satellite television stations are available in India and they are permitted to run their nationwide operation. Among them, 190 are state-run channels. The channels come with numerous types of shows and events. The channels are also available in various languages. Besides, some of the channels come with HD and 3D features. Majority of the local people watch television to know about updates on diversified issues and get entertained as well.

Regarding radio broadcast, India has an adorable achievement. There are over 86 radio stations available across the country. The radio stations are operated in both regional and international language. They are the sources of entertainment and getting informed about local and foreign issues for the rural population.

The number of internet-based newspaper websites is also on the rising trend. In fact, internet users are climbing across India and they prefer to get the latest updates on their cell phones. Hence, they take support from internet-based newspapers.

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