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At present, the media in Indonesia is enjoying press freedom. And there are a good number of media outlets are available. They include television, newspapers, radio and online-based media. Each of the media has their strong positions and they provide a wide range of news, information, and articles for their audiences.

Earlier, the freedom of press was restricted and everything was controlled under the Information Ministry of the state. Imposition on foreign media was another aspect that hampered the press freedom. But the suppressive order had been changed with the termination of President Suharto’s rule. And now, the media in Indonesia enjoys freedom to a certain extent. Publication of news is not a big deal for the media outlets as it was before. A remarkable number of television channels and newspapers have been created.

Majority of the population have their access to media and the get all types of necessary information and entertaining contents. But there was a situation in the country when the television channels had some bars to broadcast specific types of news. And they were also unable to broadcast out of the boundary.

The number of newspapers in Indonesia is over 50. They are published on daily basis. But the majority of the newspapers are published centering Java. And they come with the local languages. Besides, the country also publishes magazines as well. They are available in local newsstands. The number of English language newspapers is few. Tabloids are also popular here. The circulation of newspapers is notable. The dailies mostly contain different types of local and international news of varied interest. The weekly news magazines are also adorable in this island nation.

Broadcasting of television is regulated through the government (Directorate General of Radio). A few decades ago, television was subject of government domination and now a notable number of private television channels are operating at a good pace. The private channels aim at making a profit by following different ways. Due to the improved communication system, almost all the villages in the country have television sets. They enjoy various types of television shows and programs. In fact, television is the main source of information for them.

Like the television, radio is also regulated by the government in Indonesia. The number of live radio stations is around 3000 across the country. Some of the radio stations broadcast nationwide while some other have only regional broadcast facilities. The radios mostly air bulletins, and other necessary information. Usually, the local language is used in radio broadcast and there are some radio stations which use the English language too. The number of live radio in the internet is on rise.

The internet using rate and ration is incredible in Indonesia. Over 90 percent people have their own smartphone. So, the web-based newspapers are prospering in the country. A remarkable number of online internet-based websites are being operated in Indonesia. Majority of their audiences are the youths.

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