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The State of Israel is careful about its media. The country has a good number of newspapers, television stations, and online media. The presence of online media is more effective than any other types of media outlets in the country. Media in Israel enjoys a good freedom in the country for some reasons. The most important thing is it provided the necessary political and other supports to the country and countrymen.

Media is playing an important role in the country in building a modern society enriched with cultural and social and political aspects. Hence, the media operates in different languages but Hebrew is the most prominent one.

Earlier, media was controlled by limited organizations and political party propaganda disappeared under the influence of the organizations. Presently, the media in Israel is largely dominated by business groups than the state. Hence, the censorship on media is lower than neighboring countries. But some issues are highly cared for like the matters of national security, public safety and others issues that may cause panic in the country.

Since after the inception of the press in 1863, the media has experienced numerous ups and downs. A good number of companies have appeared and disappeared with the passage of time. Hence, the government of the country is aware of the importance of media in the country. The media here is free and can broadcast almost all types of news and information. Government respect towards the press has allowed it to work independently. But the foreign journalists are restricted to some extent.

At present, there are over 15 national newspapers are available in Israel. They are published in different forms like dailies and weeklies. Majority of the newspapers are published in Hebrew while there are some languages like English and French are also used for a wide readership of the newspapers. The newspapers mostly carry news and views of the country. They consciously avoid the hate speeches. Moreover, there is some party affiliated and regional newspapers are also available.

The number of television channels in Israel is nearly 80. But not all the channels are for free. Some of the channels need to be subscribed to a little charge. Besides, the television channels are broadcast in different languages. And this is a great source of entertainment for the people of the country.

The online media is performing very well in Israel. This is a highly emerging issue in the country. a good readership has been created for this media. And most of the young generation are attracted to the online media. It also helps the users to get connected with the world instantly.

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