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Jordan ensures the freedom of media. But in certain cases, the media activities are restricted. They are not allowed to publish some specific types of news and articles on their respective media outlets like defamation of the government, king or royal family, the information that may harm the state or cause damage to the national reputation etc. If the media outlets do not publish such types of news and information, they are allowed to run their operation inside the country as long as they want.

At present, media in the country refers to print, broadcast, electronic and online media outlets. The number of print media plays an influential role in the country. They follow different tactics in this case. The circulation number of newspapers is also higher. But when the newspapers publish any unwanted report, they are bound to remove that. Earlier, there were serious penalties for such attempts.

Further, an advanced warning is issued towards the government if there is any such issue found. The government takes immediate necessary actions to get rid of the problem. A self-censorship is practiced in the country. It helps to remain free of such problems and troubles created by the government rules. In fact, there are significant restrictions are imposed on the media, particularly the print media which is considered as a strong outlet in Jordan. The newspapers are highly aware of the issues like defaming the royal family or the king.

The government applies pressure to the specific media outlet to change the content and when the order is disobeyed, the media outlet is unable to survive. Even the journalists were subject to imprisonment as well. But no such obligations are available in the present day context.

The number of newspapers in Jordan is around 11. Most of the newspapers are published in the Arabic language while a few of them are available in the English language. The newspapers provide different types of news about the national and international economy, sports and entertainment. The journalists working in newspapers enjoy more freedom than the other types of media outlets.

Jordan has only 11 TV stations. The number is relatively lower than the other countries. Due to some restrictions, television stations are available in the country. Most of the television channels broadcast news and information. This is a great source of entertainment for the citizens of the country.

Radio stations in Jordan also experience some restriction regarding the broadcast. The stations are unable to broadcast any anti-government issues. They are under regular monitoring and if something else is discovered, the punitive measures may cause the cancellation of their license.

The use of the internet is unrestricted in the country. As a result, the youths and other people who have internet access visit different news portals.

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