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Media outlets of Kyrgyzstan are comprised of newspaper, television, and radio. The use of the internet is not that much visible in the present time for the decline of internet user numbers. But media in the country enjoys a greater freedom than the neighboring countries. Press freedom is ensured by the state constitution. The other neighboring countries have some sort of restrictions on media and they cannot play the roles perfectly for the restrictions. But the state law prohibits censorship on media to some extent. However, there are some slight restrictions from the government when there is less ethical standard in print and online media.
The number of newspaper and other media outlets is increasing in the country. Some of the media outlets are state-run and owned by the state while the other media outlets are privately-owned. The state-owned media tries to inform people about the state issues and other relevant information. The privately-owned media outlets also perform the similar types of activities. But they also try to get some profit from the business by subscription and advertisement.
The government supports the pro-government newspapers and other types of media outlets. The number of the newspaper is around 30 in the country and less than 10 of them were state-owned. The remaining other outlets are privately owned. They are running their operation across the nation without any major troubles. But a competition lies among the print media outlets. Every one of them tries to defeat the others in terms of information and news. The newspapers are published in different language including Russian, English and Kyrgyz language. The readership of newspapers is noteworthy.
In the country, there are 18 television channels are operating now. Among the television channels, some are state-owned and some are private. The regional television channels are operated based on private ownership. In past days, the government stopped the broadcast of some television channels for some reasons based on the political climate of the country. The television channels mostly broadcast news reports and other entertaining programs. A wide number of audience is available for the television channels. This is a great source for their entertainment too.
Radio stations in the country are also remarkable. There are around 36 radio stations altogether in Kyrgyzstan. Among the radios, 23 of them are FM and 13 are AM radio stations. But radio coverage is limited to some extent. In fact, radios are not available across the country.
The number of internet users is limited. A 2006 statistics say that only 6 percent of the population have their access to the internet. Hence, the online-based media is not growing in the country. Though there are some online media outlets, they are not much effective and browsed.

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