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The Lebanese media has been enjoying a great freedom since an early age. Some of the media outlets in the county are the oldest one and been operating their activities amid great freedom. Lebanon is one of the smallest countries in the Middle East. But media in this country is an exception. The national history of the country underwent different ups and downs but the issue of media was not touched. It remained as it was. And by the passage of time, readership and the number of media pluralized in different terms in the country.

The media outlets in Lebanon uses different local and international languages to broadcast or publish news. The media landscape of the country has changed significantly with the increased readership of different media outlets and mostly it has happened by the diversified language application. At present, there are several languages available in the country that is used for publishing or broadcasting. The prominent languages are – English. Arabic and French. Moreover, high professional standards are maintained during the publication.

However, the media in the country has to follow some rules and regulations to maintain a balance in the country. Often the situations are not stable but the media plays its roles significantly. Moreover, some of the media in the country play a significant role in the contemporary Arab world. The influence of

The traditional media in Lebanon is formed with printed and online newspapers, television and radio stations. Besides, there are some state-run news agencies. They also help to provide necessary news and information of varied interests.

Lebanon has around 29 daily newspapers. The newspapers are published in various languages. Besides, there are 10 newspapers which are not published regularly. Some of them are published on a weekly or monthly basis. The newspapers mostly provide necessary daily news and information to the readers. The news on the media outlets is about local and international politics.

At present, there are over 10 television channels in the country and some of them are state-owned. Besides, few of the television channels follow principles imposed by some religious group principals. Even the political parties also back some of the channels. The TV channels broadcast different types of events and shows. Most of the people have accepted television channels as a great source of entertainment.

Private radio stations are more in Lebanon than the state-owned station. Eight radio stations are operating altogether in the country. Even BBC has its Lebanese version as well. The radios mostly broadcast news bulletins, musical shows, and other recreational events. Currently, with the attractive contents, radio has become an influential media outlet in Lebanon.

The use of the internet is wider in Lebanon. As a result, a good number of online news portals have been operating. Some of the leading dailies have their online version as well. The number for online news portals is around 12 in Lebanon.

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