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SAR* of China

Macau officially is known as the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. This is an autonomous territory with a space of around 11.8 square kilometers. This is a densely populated territory and was a Portuguese colony before it came under China. But the scenarios have changed now and the city is renowned for its casinos and luxury resorts. Traditional media in the territory is comprised of television, newspaper, magazines, and internet.

Media in Macau is opened for public. There are different types media outlets are set in the territory and they provide a wide variety of news and information for the readers. The readership of Macau is remarkable. But the media outlets here are to compete with the neighboring state’s media. Hong Kong media has a great influence on the local media of Macau. In fact, media market in Macau is comparatively smaller than other nearby states. Thereby, the local media experience a very strong competition for survival.

Consequently, they broadcast and publish various types of entertaining news and information for the readers. The main audience of Macau media is its local communities. But some of them aim at a higher group of audience. They publish news in different languages other than the local one.

Around 21 newspapers are in operation in Macau. They are published in languages like Chinese, English, and Portuguese. Most of them are dailies while there are some weeklies also available. Some Portuguese language newspapers are also published in weekly basis with a remarkable readership. But some of the China mainland and foreign newspapers from Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are also available in Macau. The newspapers are shipped in the city in an early morning and they are available in every day.

The government subsidizes the newspapers who have been in operation for over five years. Besides, in line with the daily newspapers, there are some business dailies also available. They serve a great role for the local businesspeople.

The broadcast media of Macau is not so much enriched. But public broadcasting service is available in the territory. The number is five for digital terrestrial television channels. Macau has one satellite television channels. A wide range of audience is covered under the broadcast ranges. They have less censorship to broadcast contents. So, a wide variety of contents are available on television channels and most of them are recreational. The broadcast is done using Portuguese and Chinese language.

The use of the internet is widespread in Macau but the number of online media is limited here. Most of the people use internet for social communication purposes.

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