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Malaysia is a developed country and it is some traditional media outlets. The media outlets are comprised of newspaper, radio, and television. At present, the emergence of the internet-based newspapers is also notable. But the government is stricter regarding media freedom. Though it is told that media is free in Malaysia, they are subject to censorship to some extents. Interestingly, the majority of the media outlets are state-owned. But in some cases, some of the political parties have their share in the media outlets.

Even the newspapers of opposition parties are also available and those are sold publicly. There are fewer restrictions from the government in operation of media outlets by opposition parties. They regularly publish their own newspapers containing their political propaganda.

But the news portals are free of such restrictions. They can exercise the anything they want because the government is pledged not to impose any censorship on the internet. In fact, this is not feasible for the government as well to control everything or every content on the internet. So, a notable number of internet-based media outlets have grown in Malaysia. And the number of readers is more than the print publication.

The media outlets are operated in different languages. Actually, people of different other countries have set themselves in Malaysia. So, the country has become a multilingual one. And to meet the needs of the readers, the media outlets need to publish and broadcast considering the huge targeted population.

In Malaysia, the number of newspapers is 31. They are mostly daily newspapers. Besides, there are some tabloids also available here. The print media outlets in Malaysia use different languages for publication including the national language – Malay in line with Chinese, English. The Tamil language is also used in some points to publish a newspaper. The newspapers mostly contain the regular news and information. The readership of newspapers is wide.

Around 27 television channels are available in Malaysia. And they include both public and private initiatives. Earlier, the television channels used to run for a limited time but now they have a 24-hour operation. Terrestrial operation of television channels has been replaced by digital and satellite television service. Now a wide variety of television programs are available on the television channels and the people have changed their tastes too. So, a vast number of events and shows are available on the television channels round the day and night.

Radio in Malaysia has an influential role. But radio is subject to some censorship. In fact, the government has a ban on broadcasting opposition speeches in radio. The similar ban goes on the television as well. At present, 92 radio stations are under operation in Malaysia. They broadcast different types of events and shows. But the state-owned radios are more loyal to the government than the private radio stations.

The use of the internet is also noticeable in the country. A substantial number of internet-based newspapers and news portals have started their operation. They provide a wide array of news and information to the audience across the country.

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