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Situated in the Indian Ocean, the Republic of Maldives is an island nation. The entire territory of the country is around 298 square kilometers. This is the smallest country in the Asian subcontinent. The capital of the country is also known as the King’s Island for its location advantage. It has a strong bond with Asia and Africa for some reasons. currently, it is experiencing few environmental issues due to climate change around the world.

The traditional media outlets in Maldives is formed with print, television, and radio. The number of media outlets is limited in the country comparing the other states of the world. Besides, the application of language is limited too. Majority of the media outlets are available in local language. Moreover, the number of printed newspapers in the country is limited rather most of the mainstream newspapers have their online media outlets.

But the freedom of the press is not ensured in the country. The government has some ban on publishing and broadcasting anti-government speeches or contents. Besides, religious criticism is also banned in the media. As part of punitive measures, the authority can close the media outlets who have violated the law. But the media is allowed to criticize specific government activities and policies. Currently, there are some improvements in the situations.

At present, there are around 14 online newspapers are in operation in the country. A few of the newspapers have their printed version. The dailies are published in English and local language. They provide with different types of news and information for the audience. In fact, the number of audiences is not expanded too. Most of the people try to get updated with the latest local and international news from the newspapers. So, they browse the online newspapers to meet their needs. They lack attraction for the printed newspaper copies. Hence, there is a decline in newspapers in printed form in Maldives.

There are some weeklies and bi-weeklies are also found in the printed form in Maldives.

Broadcast media is on the rise comparing the other media outlets. The number of audiences is increased than other media outlets. But the number of television channels is only three. And none of them are completely operational. They run for a certain time of the day. And this is a bit irritating issue for the audience. The television channels mostly air different types of news and reports. Besides, there are some recreational events also available in the channels.

Maldives has only a single radio station in operation. The radio broadcast covers some specific issues. Obviously, it tries to uphold the government and its policies. Besides, it comes with news and views. The shows on radio are entertaining too.

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