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Mongolia, a landlocked country, is surrounded by Russia and China. The country is famous for its nomadic culture and also for Genghis Kahn – the founder of Mongol Empire. The country is also renowned for many other reasons. Media in Mongolia has expanded greatly and is comprised of print, broadcast and online media. The media in the country went large reforms for several reasons. And it happened mostly after the fall of the Soviet system in 1990.

Freedom of the press is not so much adorable in the country. Earlier, there was media freedom in the country and now the scenario has been changed. Based on the 1998 Media Freedom Law, there were fewer censorships on media contents of Mongolia and now the media is politicized. The journalists are to suffer defamation suits for violation of the law. They are unable to express their thoughts and reliable news or necessary information. The troublesome situation began after 2015.

The present government is unwilling to respect the media freedom. So, the media outlets are not so enriched and in line with the other countries, the media has not been bloomed with the neutral or effective news. Getting attacked by the defamation suits, the journalists are afraid not to publish news. They are unable to pay the fines and there are different terms of imprisonment for the accused. Though some charges are dismissed by the court when the court realizes the inner matter, that is a matter of luck and everyone is not so lucky to have the cases dismissed in their favor.

The local communication regulatory commission takes care of the media outlets and their contents. When there is any government criticism, the media outlets are accused of false charges. The country’s politics has also influenced the media outlets in Mongolia. All types of media under public and private ownership are to experience political pressure.

At present, there are over 500 media outlets of different types and they cater the needs of the people across the country.

Newspapers and magazines comprise the print media of the country. Currently, there are around 15 newspapers and magazines are available in Mongolia. Most of the newspapers and magazines are published in local language while there are some publications available in English as well. They contain different types of news and views while the magazines contain recreational items.

The broadcast is not so much enriched in the country and there are only 11 television stations are available in Mongolia. The poor infrastructure and funding is the key cause of lagging behind in establishing television stations. The TV stations mostly broadcast news, events and other shows.  Mongolia has around 115 FM and 7 AM stations across the country and they are broadcast in Russian, English and Mongolian language

The internet access is not available to all and the government has fewer restrictions on this matter. So, the number of the online newspaper is in a steady state.

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