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Myanmar media is comprised of Print, broadcast and online media outlets. The national media in the country underwent numerous changes and regulations. In fact, media censorship is a usual matter in the country. Though the constitution ensures media freedom to the maximum extent, the government is unwilling to follow all the instructions and directives from the constitution. The government has some ban on particular issues and the media outlets are unable to deal with them.

The media landscape of Myanmar had many reforms and the broadcast outlets were the most influenced sector. The use of internet also increased rapidly and the media started polarizing sharply. But the government had a strong control of the media and it applied various methods including imposing some stricter laws, threats to the media activists, violence and much more. The military and the rebel groups of the country were the leading groups to the response against the media activities.

But in some points, the media can cover the entire country, and mostly it happens during the election. The media can enter in everywhere and without any bar on them. Though the constitution allows media freedom, there are some limitations of the freedom. The media has to impose some self-censorship while publicizing or broadcasting news and events. The media outlets are unable to publish or broadcast any such activity that can affect the law and order conditions of the country.

Besides, some cases of defamation and journalist prosecution also played an important role to curb the media freedom. If the media outlets appear risky to the state, the state can withhold the license of the outlet and take other punitive measures against the outlet.

The media outlets use different languages to publish and broadcast news and information. Most of the dailies and weeklies are printed with local language and there are some English newspapers are also available. Earlier, media was owned by the state and in the recent years, there has been an expansion of private media outlet ownership in the country.

At present, in Myanmar, there are around 54 newspapers are available. They come in different forms. Some of them are weeklies, most of them are dailies. They are also available in Burmese and English languages. The newspaper contents range from diversified issues. But the majority of them provide the local and international news. The country has some magazines as well and they are published in monthly and biannual basis.

Myanmar has 13 television stations altogether. They come with different types of news and information. Some the channels broadcast movies, music, and other recreational activities. Majority of the television channels are state-owned while the number of private channels is little. Besides, it has around 12 radio stations. Some of the radio stations operate in short and medium waves while the remaining are FM stations. They broadcast news, foreign music and other recreational shows for the audience across the nation.

The use of the internet is widespread in Myanmar. As a result, there are some internet-based newspapers are available in the country. Besides, the government has fewer restrictions on the internet and so the number of internet users is on the rise.

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