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The media in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (also known as North Korea) undergoes serious restrictions. The media is under the tight control of the government and to be more specific, it is maintained by the President – Kim Jong-il. Majority of the news and events on the media are about the activities of the ruler and his visits in different places. He is seen talking with the people and the situations or photographed to be publicized in the media.

But the actual matters are hidden in the media. The people of the country pass their days amid hardship and even there are famines in some parts of the country. But those issues go unnoticed. Rather, the media focuses more on the inventions of the country in terms of technology and other advancements.

Though the constitution offers a press freedom, the freedom is not exercised at all. The government also tries to seek out the core of the information and takes measures accordingly. So, the press freedom is almost zero in the country. The country ruler strictly rules the media so that any of the defaming issues could not be publicized. But with the assistance of foreign radio and other media outlets, some of the necessary information and news is available on the media. Most of the media outlets are state-run and they never publicize any news or content that may go against the ruler. Rather, they broadcast entertaining and recreational events.

Interestingly, the television and radio sets are tuned to the state-owned stations. This is hard for the ordinary users to change the pre-tuned stations. And buying a piece of radio needs to be registered with police before starting its operation at home or at any other place.

There is a ban also on the use of the internet. Some of the elites have state approval to use the internet while a large section of the society is unable to access the internet. Broadband network facility is not available there.

The number of newspapers in the country is 26 altogether. They include the regional and newspapers published from abroad. They come in different languages including English and local. They also contain news and views of the President and his activities. The President’s family is also equally cared for in the print media outlets.

There around seven television channels are operating in the country. But the television broadcast is the subject to be managed by the Central Broadcasting Committee. the country prohibits foreign broadcast in the country and so, the television sets are pre-tuned to local channels.

About four North Korean radio networks operate in the country and they operate in mediumwave, FM and shortwave. The number of radio listeners is great. And the majority of the bulletins are about praising the president while there are some other news and contents are available.

The use of the internet is limited and so there are almost no online news agencies or news portals are available in the country.

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