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The Sultanate Uman or Oman is located near the Arabian Peninsula. The present economic and development activities are adorable. The country has also made some progress in technological issues. In fact, survival for the country was hard amid the aggressive neighboring states. So, it had to protect and promote by its Western advisors.

The country has a moderate press climate. The sate ensures the press freedom. But there are some matters which are to be maintained by the press for the greater benefits of the country. The press is not allowed to broadcast or publish any issues that can hamper the state’s reputation or can cause any anarchy in the state.

The country has a couple of newspapers, broadcast media outlet and obviously, there are internet users who browse to different local and international news websites. The country mostly uses the Arabic language to publish and broadcast the news and other events. But the English language is also available there. A couple of dailies are published in the English language. In line with the daily newspapers, the country also has periodicals. The periodicals mostly contain leisurely contents that attract people of different ages.

The Ministry of Information of the country is responsible to monitor the radio and television activities. They are in fact responsible to check the contents and take measures accordingly. When there is something abusive or can cause discord, they stop the content. Almost all the broadcast media outlets are state-owned. They do not advertise. They get their revenue from the government.

The number of television and radio is remarkable in the country. The countrymen of Oman can enjoy both the local and international channels and in some cases, they are influenced by the foreign cultures. Several languages are available regarding the broadcast. And at present, the broadcast is done in Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu languages.

At present, there are 10 newspapers are in operation across the country. But they are subject to censorship and they strictly maintain the matter. The newspapers are published in different languages and they contain various types of news and views. The readership of the newspapers in Oman is adorable.

The country has six television channels under operation in current days. The government funds the operations and satellite receiving permission are also granted. Many of the neighbors broadcast their own programs in this country.

Seven radio stations cover the entire country. And their operation is completed using several languages. Majority of the contents include news, views, different shows and events. The number of radio audience is adorable in the country.

With the passage of technological development, the use of the internet is also on the rise in the country. As a result, there is a notable number of websites dealing with news and other necessary information are available.

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