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Pakistan is one of the Asian countries and owns an enriched media. The media in the country include newspapers, television, radio, and magazines. The rise of online media is not so noteworthy. The media landscape in the country is vibrant but at some points, there are some loopholes. Though the media is free to publicize or broadcast anything it wants, there are some restrictions. The media is not always allowed to broadcast or publicize everything they want. There are some political pressures on them during the publications.

But not all the pressures are direct. There are some indirect pressures that allow the media to keep a self-censorship on contents. They do not get government advertisements if they publish something undesirable to the political parties. Even some of the laws have silenced some of the television channels. They were threatened to suspend the license. Often the media is used as a tool for propaganda. Different political parties use the media outlets to praise them or to publicize them.

So, the media freedom in the country is a bit complicated than its neighbors. Some specific issues are subject to auto-censorship. The country is also strict about blasphemy. When websites publish such contents that defame the religion, the websites are blocked nationwide. There are some evidence in past of such website blocking.

The journalists also feel insecure. A remarkable number of journalists have been killed in different years. They also receive threats from various parties and groups. So, this is hard indeed to work in this condition. But they are playing their roles effectively to reveal news and information.

The media boom mostly happened after 2002. The press freedom was ensured and the situations became competitive. But the radio could not shine like the other types of media outlets. But they are the important source for information in the rural setting of the country.

The media in the country uses diversified languages. In fact, media in Pakistan uses some of the local languages like Urdu and Sindhi to publish news and information. The application of English language is also dominating.

Around 40 newspapers are in operation in the country and they are published on a daily or weekly basis. The newspapers mostly contain news and information from home and abroad. Some of the newspapers are published in the local language but the demand of English dailies is also on the rise. The readership of newspapers and magazines is also adorable in this country.

Over 50 television channels are operating in Pakistan. Most of them are news and entertainment channels. But there are some religious channels which broadcast religious events and information. A good number of audiences have their interest in those television programs.

The number of the radio station is over 100 and they are operated in different languages. They broadcast both AM and FM operations.

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