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Media outlets in Qatar have experienced a great boom in the recent days. The media outlets are made of television, newspapers, radio, magazines and online media. The media outlets have played an influential role in the development of the country in the past few years. Media platforms and outlets have increased in the number and provided some quality news and information to the people. In fact, the media outlets try to provide their best to the people in all terms. But there are some regular censorships in the media outlets and they are to follow the rules strictly.

Some of the media outlets are owned by the government while the majority of them are privately owned. Al-Jazeera can be cited in this perspective. But the media outlets consciously avoid the criticisms of some specific issues for their own survival. The number of audience and readership is higher in the country than the neighbors. So, the media outlets have their standard operation across the nations and the commercial purposes are also served.

The newspapers in the country have their own censorships. They do not publish news and information that goes against the ruling family and family members. This is a common censorship for the other types of media outlets as well. They also do not interfere with the state policy or state’s decision about any foreign affairs.

Many of the international media agencies have their outlets in the country and they are operating smartly inside the country. Since a wide number of people live here and they are multilingual, the media outlets have been operating with different types of language. The prominent languages are the Arabic and the English.

The number of the newspaper is around seven in the present time. Four of the newspapers are published in the Arabic language while the remaining three are published in the English language. Besides, the number of magazines in around nine in the country and they come with different types of interesting news and article. The number of readerships is higher for newspapers than magazines. Some of the newspapers are published in a weekly basis.

The government of Qatar owns all the radio programs and those are broadcast in the Arabic language. Besides, there is some English language transmissions are also available in the country. The English language transmission began because of the increasing number of foreign population in the country. At present, some other languages are also used for radio broadcasting like French and Urdu.

The television channels are mostly dominated by the government and they broadcast in different languages. They come with news of different interests. Besides, satellite channel broadcasting is also available in the country. Al Jazeera is the largest television channel network in the country and been operating since 1996.

The internet service is available across the country and thus the number of online newspaper readers is on the rise. Around 88 percent population of the country is connected to internet and the rise of such users began after 2000. Almost all the larger newspapers have their news websites and those are visited by a wide number of audience.

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