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The media in Singapore is around 150 years older and thus it has experienced a huge number of ups and downs. At present the media outlets are efficient and they have modern setup. But at the same time, the media outlets are under strict restrictions from the government. The availability of the undesirable information is not allowed on the press of the country. The key aim of media outlets in Singapore is supposed to educate, inform and entertain people. But they are not allowed to publish or broadcast news and information which are beyond the interest of the country.

The media outlets of Singapore consist of print, broadcast and internet media outlets. The government controls the media climate in the country directly. The growth of media outlets is a notable and huge number of people are working in this increasing industry. In fact, a notable portion of the GDP of the country largely depends on the media outlets. Despite being a small land in the southeast Asia, the country is connected with some other neighboring countries. So, the media outlets have the chance to exchange their views and opinions.

Originated from a small fishing village, now this is one of the prime destinations of the world and also has become a multicultural place. So, the newspapers published here are of a different language. English is also used to broadcast and publish news and information. The newspaper readership is high in the country. And four of the official languages are used in the daily publications. But the number of circulation for English language newspaper is higher than the other types. the Chinese language newspaper is on the second position in terms of circulation.

Newspapers, in Singapore, are published at different times of the day. But the people love to get the morning newspapers. Moreover, it is believed that morning newspapers contain the quality news and information than those are published in the remaining parts of the day. But the publications based on some sensational issues get more popularity than the other types of publications. But the neighboring states are a bit restrictive in such cases.

Over 30 newspapers are available in the county and most of them are English dailies. Besides, some of the Chinese dailies and magazines are also competing in the market. But the readership is higher for the English newspapers. The newspapers contain a wide range of news and information for the readers. The newspapers mostly earn from the advertisement. They do have a less earning from the subscription.

Around 25 radio stations are operating in the country in different waves. They have their broadcast in Chinese, English and other local languages. The radios broadcast different types of bulletins, news, entertaining shows and more. The listenership is also moderate for the radios.

Though the number of internet users is high in this country than its neighbors, there is censorship on the internet use. Many of the contents are under self-censorship for the online media outlets. They are unable to publish some specific contents on their respective media outlets like issues related to national security, unrest across the country etc.

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