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Media outlets in Taiwan, a top Asian country, enjoy a wide range of freedom than the other neighboring countries. But the market inside the country is competitive. A good number of newspapers and other media outlets are available in the country and they are serving the nation with great efforts. The media outlets provide a wide range of news and views for the audience.

But sometimes, the media outlets have to experience some unwanted issues. Defamation cases is a common thing in the country and the media outlets are sued by the political parties. Besides, there is a Chinese pressure on the local media outlets of Taiwan. Some of the media outlets are politically biased and they run programs on the media for their political interest.

Among the different types of media, the countrymen prefer the television. They enjoy various types of programs and events on the television. The rate is higher for the Taiwanese people to spent their times before the television set for hours.

For a better performance of the press, there are less and in some cases no censorships at all for the media outlets. But in some cases, the media outlets impose self-censorship. In fact, there are some particular issues which could not be brought into the light. The existing media outlets in the country makes a balance between the needs and the privacy of the state. They only publish or broadcast the news and information which is important for the people. However, some great politicians of the country pay the due respect to the media freedom.

At present, in Taiwan, there are 21 newspapers are functioning. They are published in different languages including English and Chinese. Most of the newspapers are published in a daily basis. They contain local and international news and information of varied interests. The readership of the Chinese language newspaper is higher than English. But some of the English language dailies are highly popular among the locals.

Seven mainstream television channels are operating currently in the country. They broadcast using the local languages. But some of the events and shows are held in the English language. Television is the key medium of entertainment for the local people of Taiwan. They enjoy a wide range of programs and events. This is the only media outlet that everyone accepts it without any dispute. Besides, the operation of cable television channels is also going on in Taiwan. People love to enjoy the television channels for a small subscription fee.

Fourteen radio stations are under operation in the country and they broadcast in both AM and FM spectrum. The number of radio listeners is on the rise gradually for a wide variety of shows. People, particularly the youths, love to listen to music on the go. The radio stations also broadcast classical events too.

There are some online newspapers are also available and those are mostly accessed by the internet users. They get their necessary news and information from the websites. The price of the internet is cheaper in the country and plenty of internet subscribers are available. So, many of the people use the internet either on their cell phones or on their personal computers and other devices.


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