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The media in Tajikistan is consisted of print, broadcast and online media (web based news portals). Media freedom in the country is commendable but there are some certain matters that the media need to be careful with. The media is often dictated by the government. Some of the critical media outlets are often obstructed by the government so that the outlets cannot express some crucial state matters to public. Thereby, the media outlets have imposed a self-censorship on them regarding some issues.

Independent reporting is curbed to some extent in the country and the government plays an important role here. The media outlets have to follow some specific rules and regulations while some of the matters are highly interfered by the government before public exposure. In some cases, the journalists are barred to enter into places to gather news and information. Besides, the oppositions are also denied access of airtime to broadcast their views.

Among the other media outlet, television is more popular than the other types. There are some public run and private television stations in the country and they broadcast a wide number of shows and programs for the nationwide audience. The country also allows the broadcast of some Russian television stations across the country. the popularity of television has become wider because it the is the greatest source of entertainment for the people. The television channels provide all the necessary information and this is accessible to almost everyone.

But the number of newspaper readership is lower in the country and this happens mostly as the newspapers are published on weekly basis. There are a notable number of newspapers available in the country Some of the newspapers are run by the state while there are some privately owned newspapers are also under operation in the state. Since the readership of newspaper is lower, they have less circulation.

The government always tries to undermine the use of internet across the country but with the passage of time, the users have become aware about the issues. So, they use different methods to browse the internet. The use of certain websites is banned across the nation but the smart internet users have their access to those websites using proxy servers.

At present, in Tajikistan, around 15 newspapers are under operation. They come with both the local and the English language. Some of them are private while the remaining are run by the state. They provide a wide range of news and information for the audience. But the readership is lower for this media outlets.

About 15 television channels are running their activities in the country and they come with a varied number of events and shows. The people of the country love to enjoy television programs for many reasons. In fact, the television shows are entertaining and they do not need to pay extra amounts to subscribe the TV channels.

In the country, there are 20 radio stations are available and they run their operation round the day. The radio stations broadcast different types of news and informative events. The number of radio listeners is also remarkable. Most of the time, the radio stations broadcast entertaining events for their audiences.

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