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The media of Turkmenistan is made of print, broadcast and online media. The media outlets have their nationwide publication and broadcasts. But there are some issues that the media undergoes always. The government interferes heavily with the media activities. So, the media outlets have to impose a self-censorship on them to sustain in the business. They cannot disobey some of the government orders and are restricted to broadcasting or publishing any news and information that goes beyond the state policy.

The government regularly monitors the media activities and if there are any violations of the state policies, the government takes necessary actions. But there are some journalists who work from abroad. In that case, the government is unable to take actions against them. Though it is officially ignored that there is no media censorship in the country, in reality, the scenario is different. The government always monitors almost all the media outlets and even printing press as well. Besides, the government also blocks the use of certain websites and try monitoring the internet use. The journalists are not allowed to publish any negative news. The editorial policies are also under subjugation. All these reflect the monopoly of the government on the local media of the country.

Television is the most popular media outlet in the country amid the other types of media. There are several state-run television channels are in operation in the country. and they provide a wide variety of news and information to the audiences. Besides, television is accessible to all of the people in the country. Considering all the grounds, television channels have gained popularity as the source of entertainment and information. But the government discourages the satellite transmission in the country, and so there are fewer satellite channels prevailing there.

Basically, Turkmenistan is a desert country and shares its borders with Iran and Afghanistan. Hence, the landscape is a bit different and mountainous. And it has some impacts on the citizens of the country and the state policies are also being influenced a bit by all the circumstances.

But one matter is adorable. The media outlets are disallowed to penetrate in the personal lives of the citizens of the country. It is prohibited by the state and aims to honor the privacy of the state citizens. Serious punishment provision is ordered if the law is violated by any form of media outlets.

At present, there are two newspapers are available in the country. They provide all the necessary news and information to the audience. But the number of readership for the newspapers is lower. Only a few people have access or intended to read newspapers. Besides, the newspapers undergo some censorship and so, they are unable to express the right thing.

There are seven television channels broadcasting in the country and almost all of them are state-owned. They come with different types of news and information. Besides, there are some recreational events are also available in the television channels which has made it popular among the other media outlets.

Turkmenistan has around 26 radio stations across the nation and they run in different waves like as longwave and mediumwave. They broadcast program of varied interests and the number of the listener is also adorable.

The use of the internet is not too much appreciable. The government has some strict policies to bar the use of the internet.

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