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The media outlets in the United Arab Emirates is made of print, broadcast and electronic media. The media outlets enjoy the freedom to some extent. Majority of the newspapers are under the government ownership. The government also takes care of sensitive issues on media and in most cases, those are sealed. There is a media council in the country which reviews all the media outlet contents before publication or broadcasting.

But the media outlets of the country are experiencing a challenge among themselves. They are always trying to compete with each other in terms of quality media contents. Besides, at some points, the media outlets enjoy benefits like tax benefits etc.

The flourishment of media outlets became late because of some reasons in the country. the key reason was the poor literacy rate. Majority of the population were reluctant to gain access to different types of media in the past days. But with the change of time, the rate has increased and people are getting literate. They want to keep pace with the advanced world and thus try taking access to different types of media outlets. And the modern media outlets appeared in the 1960s. It was a radio station that started the modernization of media in the country. And the history of the daily newspaper dates back to 1970 and it was published in Sharjah.

Gradually, different types of newspapers started appearing in the country and now several languages are used for publications. Besides, the number of television stations is also on the rise. They broadcast various types of interesting news and information for a wide range of audience. But the government often peeps inside the media outlets to check if they are working in line with the censorship or not. The press law that was formulated in the 1980s came with a censorship on both the local and international media contents. Violation of the law will result in criminal offense.

The use of the internet is also commendable in the country. a nationwide dedicated infrastructure has been installed for smooth internet service providing for everyone.

At present, there are 28 newspapers are available across the UAE. The newspapers are published using different languages and they come with a wide range of news and information. The newspapers are published using English, Persian, Swahili and other languages to meet the demands of the increasing populations. But the print media has a censorship on different types of news and information which appear sensitive.

Over 35 television channels are operating in the country and they have dedicated channels for different types of audiences. The television stations are operated in various languages and they operate round the day. The number of audiences is huge and so the television stations contents are always entertaining and remarkable.

The number of radio stations in the UAE has crossed 50. They run in different languages and have different types of audiences. They run their programs in different languages and the audience is also huge. Most of the radio stations run programs like musical shows, news, and bulletins etc.

The internet users are also climbing in the country and they use the internet to meet their daily needs. As a result, there are some internet-based websites have been created to cater the needs of the rising group of internet users.

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