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Virtually, the media of Uzbekistan enjoys freedom in some cases but in reality, the scenario is opposite. The government has issued a decree to eliminate the censorship on media, journalism to the extreme extent is restricted. The journalists are not allowed to print or broadcast whatever they want. In fact, independent journalism is not practiced in the country and reporters or journalists have to impose a self-censorship on them for some reasons. the private media needs to take a license from the government for their operation in the country. But the licensing authority does not always deliver the license easily. They conduct various types of the process before issuance of a license.

Besides, the media outlets are also harassed by the government in some cases. The government also has the authority to delay any sort of media content whenever it wants. Sometimes, the media outlets need to reregister their license in case of unwanted situations. The state-owned television channels have the right to dominate the media market and for their domination, the private media outlets fail to shine to the desired extent.

The journalists are not always dedicated to their profession. They also get involved in corruptions and other unethical activities. They often receive a bribe to broadcast or publish any specific content from different quarters. All these reflect a messy situation in the media outlets of the country. But there are some significant improvements as well. A notable number of independent voices are reporting from inside the country. Some of the websites dealing with crucial issues are still operational.

But this is not a safe zone for the journalists. They are often sued for the government rule violations and even they are jailed as well while performing their duties.

The country has one of the largest media markets inside its border and television is the most popular form among the other media outlets. A good number of television channels are operational in the country and they broadcast a wide variety of issues. The country has also access to some Russian television channels.

At present, there are six print media outlets are available in the country, and they publish a wide variety of of news and information for its readers. But the readership of newspapers is lower than its neighbors. But the print media outlets are directly and indirectly connected with the government and they maintain some self-censorship in case of sensitive matters.

Around 28 television stations are operational in the country. They broadcast their contents in different languages including Russian and English. The number of audience for the television channels is more than the other types of media outlets. The television channels broadcast a remarkable number of shows and events for their audiences.

Only four radio stations are available in the country and they mostly provide various types of news and information. The state-run radio is the key one that dominates the other radio stations of the country.

Besides, the use of the internet is restricted to some points. People cannot browse the websites they want. But some of news publishing websites are still operating amid the current context.

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