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The mainstream media of Vietnam is made of print, broadcast and online media outlets. Unluckily the media outlets in the country are dominated by the government in different terms. The entire media outlets are controlled by the Communist Party of the country while the information ministry is responsible to look after few of the media outlets. The local people prefer to watch television shows. Satellite cable televisions are also available in the country. But the audiences need to pay a certain amount of fee for the satellite television channel broadcast.    

Like the other media outlets, radio stations are also under the government possession. Besides, they also broadcast contents that do not go against the government. A self-censorship is imposed on all types of media outlets in the country. Since this is a multilingual country, the media outlets use different types of languages including English and Russian. The use of local language is widespread in the media outlets.

The local administration controls the media outlets so strictly and so press freedom is unavailable in the country. The government even tries to control the use of the internet. All the things happen for some reasons. The government is afraid of its corruption and thus tries to cover all the matters with the pressure on the media. It would be shameful for the government if the media outlets expose their corruption and other unethical matters to the public.   

As a result, the mainstream media outlets cannot expose the reality but the citizen journalism and blogging is on the boom. The number of Cyber-attacks on the political website is on the rise in the country. The bloggers and the citizen journalists are able to point out the irregularities of the government.

The government wants that the media outlets should play the role of teaching their party doctrine to the commoners. So, they carefully shape the campaigns and produce media contents for a better comprehension of the population.    

Though the media expansion took place during 1976, there is less visible improvement in every term. The number of print media outlets is around 350 and they come with different types of news and information for the people. Often they run political propaganda for the ruling parties.

The number of television channels in the country is around 18 but not all of them are functional. Some of the channels are yet to arrive. The broadcast contents vary based on the television channels and audience group. Most the television channels broadcast entertaining events and shows. And most of the channels run in the local language.   

Though radio transmission in the country started a long ago, at present there are six functional radio stations here. Most of them operate in the local language. The radio broadcast includes different types of news and information for a wide range of audience. Before 1945, the local people of Vietnam were banned from having radio receivers but the days are gone now.


The use of the internet is a positive sign for Vietnam. The country has a good number of internet users and they browse different websites to know about the latest updates.  

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