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The media of Yemen consists of print, television and radio broadcast. Btu the government has a firm control of the media outlets and particularly this is done by the Ministry of Information. The government controls the media as it provides a smart amount of subsidy to almost all print media of outlets. But the radio and television media are an exception. They are free and they do not need to get under the supervision of the government. The newspapers of the country have a self-censorship on them. They are highly serious about the matter.

Since the government controls the contents of print media, the print media outlets have to be aware of the matter. So, they do not publish any such contents that may violate the government rules or create anarchy in the country. On the other side, the other types of media outlets also check the issue. They never broadcast issues or matters related to state security. So, the media outlets try to cover the contemporary issues in line with the other recreational contents.

The government is strict on some matters. The contents and websites that have sexually explicit material are subject to get a ban. The state law is against such websites and media outlets. Besides, the government also blocks the political media outlets and keeps an eye on their activities. Running a media outlet is not easy in the country. The media outlet authority has to take a license from the government before the operation.

Journalism in the country is also unsafe. Often the journalists are assaulted. The government often detains the journalists with the charge of press law violation. In fact, the power struggle has polarized the media outlets of the country. All the activities are based on the television and radio programs. The number of the readership of newspapers and other websites is remarkable. But the press was the subject to suffer more troubles than any other sectors in the country during some unrest. The media outlets become the place of wars and propaganda.

The number of licensed newspaper in Yemen is 20. The number includes printed magazines as well. Some of them are government owned while some others are privately owned. They print their contents both in Arabic and English. They aim to all class of people and so the contents are available in different tastes. The newspaper and magazines contents contain useful information and news. Sometimes there is some useful and entertaining information is also available in the print media outlets.

The country has 17 television channels altogether. The channels are operated in different languages and they contain a wide range of programs. Television is one of the greatest sources of entertainment and information for the people of the country. The people have access to the local television channels and they rarely miss any popular event.

Six primary radio stations are available in Yemen. The stations basically broadcast some generalized programs and using different languages. Majority of the radio stations are owned by the state and serve with the national and international information.

The use of the internet is increasing in the county. Majority of the people now use the internet for personal communication. But some of them prefer the internet to know about the news and information. However, the online media of the country has not increased so much like the neighbors.

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