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The traditional media outlets in Australia are advanced than any other parts of the world nations. Several media outlet formats are available in the country and they come with diversified news and information for the audiences across the country. But the media outlets and publications have their strong ties with the British press traditions for some reasons. The initial years of the press had some issues regarding the censorship issues. Those were controlled by the British government agencies in the past and now they have no jurisdictions on the Australian press at all.

The media environment in the country is democratic and thus there are fewer chances of imposing censorship on the media outlets. A press council is available to take care of many of the issues. So, the government is almost unable to do something with the press. It is not capable to impose the expression of truth or hamper the freedom of expression. As a result, the media outlets have grown in the country in a balanced environment. Though the early days were a bit different, now the all types of media outlets enjoy a sense of freedom while broadcasting or publishing news and information for the audience across the country.

The media outlets have revolutionized in the country for few reasons. First of all, the rate of literacy is higher here than any other parts of the world. The literacy rate is 100 percent here. And thus the readership of newspapers and the audiences of other types of media outlets have increased to a greater extent. Though there are some outsiders living across the country, they are also literate and have their access to the traditional media outlets. Even the aboriginal people of the country have their access to the mainstream newspapers and other media outlets like radio and television. As a result, the circulation of newspapers has surpassed the expectation.

The media outlets in the country are run by both the public and private initiatives. The state-run agencies try to compete with the private agencies by providing interesting and attractive news and information for their targeted audience. Different types of television shows and events are broadcast. And even the local channels also broadcast foreign television shows and events which have great appeal to the local people. Different private companies are opening their outlets in the country and they are really doing well in the business. The sale of TV guides and other such publications is higher than any of the sold publications in the country.

The media outlets are highly competitive and they try to beat the others in different terms. In fact, without quality contents, this is really impossible to sustain the media business for the companies. So, they try to invent a wide number of attractive contents for their targeted audience groups. It has built a healthy media economy in the country which is beneficial for everyone.

Over 100 newspapers are available in the country and they run their activities round the clock. The number of dailies is more than the weeklies and biweeklies. The newspapers mostly publish news and information on diversified issues. But the newspapers maintain a sense of self-censorship though this is not mandatory for them to follow. They do not publish any news or information which may appear threatening to the nation. The readership of the newspapers is also higher. They are available across the country and try to create a positive environment.

The list is also bigger for the radio stations n Australia. There are over 150 radio stations functioning in the country. They have their targeted audience group. Radio is also a key source of information for the local people to know about the world around them. The radio stations broadcast a wide number of events and bulletins for the listeners.

The number of television stations in Australia is over 100. The television channels are available in different formats and audience groups. In fact, the television contents are made based on the audience. The contents of the comedy channels will suit every type of viewers. Even there are channels for the children as well. All the activities are based on the demand from the audiences’ end. So, television is blooming in the country very fast. Even, the television channels sometime premier some specific movies or shows that attract the audiences most.

The use of the internet is available across the country. For the widespread use of the internet, people have their easy access to different media outlets. Almost all the media outlets have their online presence and they keep the websites updated all through the day. As a result, the internet-based media outlets have shined in the country. A good number of people use the internet for their social communication as well.

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