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Actually, the islands in the Australian regions have less access to media outlets for some specific reasons. The key reason behind this is the lower population than the mainland. But the Cook Islands are a bit different in that case. The media outlets of the islands refer to radio and television. Besides, there is a weekly newspaper available here. This is a self-governing island in the South Pacific Ocean. And it has its association with the authority of New Zealand. There are 15 islands altogether and they all cover an area over 200 square kilometers. The economic zone of the country is also extended to the ocean as well. And this is exclusive for the islands only.

The islands mostly rely on New Zealand for many of its issues. In fact, New Zealand has the liability to take of the islands. The defense and foreign issues of the islands are dependent on the county. But New Zealand authority takes the decision in consultation with the Islands authorities about any issues like as taking actions on different matters regarding the island security and others. The islands’ citizens have a different citizen status which is not available for the other ordinary citizens of New Zealand.

Regarding the media outlets, the islands have a single radio station. The radio station is owned by private initiative. It is headquartered in Avarua but it is available across the nation. The station mainly broadcast news bulletins. But there are certain types of programs are also available here for the listeners. The station has some interesting shows which are the key attraction for the audiences. They listen to the shows and events whenever they can. Moreover, this is a key source of information for the local people. They come to know about the happenings around. The issue of media censorship is not available here but despite being a private station, the local government controls it.

The television station is also under the private initiative and the owner for the radio and television is the same organization. The television station broadcast a wide number of news and information for the audience. There are some interesting shows are available too. So, the audience prefers to enjoy the television shows in their leisure hours. But the television station underwent some changes in 2000. New programming was introduced there and some other changes were brought as well.

Both the radio and television broadcast their contents using the English language. Besides, it is also the language for the newspaper as well. All the contents are written using the language and has a remarkable readership inside the islands.

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