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The media outlets in French Polynesia is a bit different than usual media outlets in the other countries. The country has print, broadcast and internet-based outlets. But their operation style is completely different than we think. The media outlets enjoy some special facilities that many of the modern media outlets are unable to enjoy at all in their states. In fact, most of the modern media outlets are subject to censorship. They are to follow a wide number of censorship issues which do not result in some positive aspects. As there are no such issues with the government, the media outlets have shined here to the fullest extent.

In the most other countries, the media outlets experience different sort of repression from the government. The government imposes different sorts of laws and rules on them. It is mostly done to prevent exposure of the truth. Sometimes, the government is afraid of the negative criticism from the media outlets. To be honest, the media outlets of a country owns the ability to destroy the image of the government. And there are thousands of examples are available of the issues. Hence, the governments who are corrupt or weak or unable to play their roles, try to cage the media outlets in the name of repressive laws. Those governments impose fine and penalties on the media outlets and journalists.

But the scenario is different here. The media outlets have their right to say and express what they see and believe. That news and information are disseminated among the readers and audiences. In reality, the surrounding areas are experiencing some good governance. Hence, the media outlets do not need to express the worst events before the public. A good environment for media freedom prevails everywhere. The journalists have their access to information from every source they need. They are not barred at all to collect the necessary news and information they need to publish or air their shows.

Regarding the use of the language, the French are mostly used here as the majority of the people speak the language. Besides, the application of the English is seen in some particular cases. In fact, the magazines those are published for the tourists are in English. Moreover, the readership of the newspapers and magazines are higher in the regions. A large number of the locals are educated and they love reading newspapers. So, the circulation of the newspapers is also higher.

At present, there are two daily newspapers are available in the country. They publish their news and other articles using the French language. Besides, the circulation of the newspapers is also higher. One of the newspapers has its own website. The website is updated in every hour with the latest updates of the print version. This is a great advancement for the inhabitants. They come to know about the happenings around them within a few minutes. The weekly publications are also adorable and the readership is also higher for them. Those are mostly focused for the tourists in the country and available at the local hotels for free.

There are three television stations and they have a wide number of programs and shows for their audiences. They come up with news and information for their audiences. But they also maintain a sense of self-censorship so that the state privacy is not violated.

The region has 14 FM radio stations and two AM stations. They broadcast across the nation and have a wide number of program categories. Radio is one of the key sources of information for the listeners and other people in the country.

The application of the internet is also available in the country and a notable number of people use the internet. They use the internet to know about the world and of course to maintain their social networking profile.

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