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Though this is an island, the media scenario is a bit different here. The number of media outlets comparing the populations in the island is moderate. The media outlets are available in parts of the islands. The outlets come up with a wide number of interesting news and events. Since this is a small island, the number of population is smaller. When something happens on the island, people come to know about the happenings in different ways. But the media outlets help to spread the news in a special way. They broadcast or publish the news and information for a broader audience.

The media outlets enjoy a great press freedom in the islands. There are a wide number of nations and islands available where the rulers and administrators are repressive on the media outlets. They want to administer the outlets after their will. And they also do not prefer any criticizes them. But the climate is not the same here. The authority has less control over the media. The media outlets are able to express their thoughts and opinions and even if it goes against the government, there are no reactions from the government’s side. So, this is a great feature that the media outlets enjoy on the island.

English is the widely used language on the island. A large number of the media outlets use English as their publication or broadcasting language. Some local dialects are also available but those are not used in the mainstream media outlets as those are not preferred by the readers. Moreover, cent percent people of the island are literate. The rate of illiteracy is poor here. And so, the readership of the newspapers is higher here. And those are accessible to all classes of people in the island.

The history of media outlets, particularly the print media outlets began in the 1940s. the U.S. Navy introduced the newspaper. And since then the tradition is going on. Media outlets have expanded their branches. Now there are a notable number of media outlets are available here. In line with the daily newspapers, there are some weeklies published as well. They have some specific types of audiences. But the biweekly newspaper is published for the Chinese community with a notable circulation. Besides, there are weeklies available in the Korean language as well. Overall, the print media outlets are having better opportunities on the island.

Besides, the island has five television stations together. They broadcast a good number of news, shows and other events of interests. The number of audiences is huge and so the television channels have their own customized contents for the island-wide audience.

Moreover, there are 11 radio stations are running their operations on the island. They have a wide number of shows and events for the audiences. And radio is the key source of information to many of the people still today. They have their instant access to the radios to know about the happenings around them.

There are 20 internet service providers are available on the island and the number of the internet users is also moderate. Most of the people use the internet to browse different websites to know about the world.

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