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The traditional media outlets in Kiribati is formed with newspaper, radio, and television. Interestingly, the outlets have their freedom of speech. They do not need to care about the government. In fact, the freedom is speech is respected by everyone and even the government shows due respect to the media outlets. As a result, the media is able to expose the truth before the people. The most important thing is that there are fewer special events that the media outlets can focus. Almost all the events are based on general issues around. So, the government also needs not to worry about publications of something that might hamper the image to the people.

The number of media outlets is fewer in comparison to the population in this developing island nation. In fact, this is an island nation that has 32 atolls altogether. One of them is a raised coral island as well. The entire space of the island nation is spread over 3.5 million square kilometers. And this is located in the central Pacific. However, the people of all classes of the society have their access to the media outlets across the country. Though the media outlets have not flourished so much in this island nation like the modern world, the outlets have their customized contents for all classes of audiences. So, the people are never bored with the media outlets.

Both the public and private media outlets are available in the country and they run their programs around the day. And even, the President of the country also has his own private stations for broadcasting news and information to people. The popularity of all types of media outlets is the same. So, there are fewer competitions in the business. But the outlets try to draw attention from various quarters by publishing and broadcasting attractive shows and events. One thing is common for the outlets – they never lie to the people or do not try to degrade reputation in a fabricated manner. So, they have a credibility in the society.

The types of news and information on the media outlets are diversified. They do not focus on any specific matter unless that is most important. Regularly, they try to provide with the latest information of the world and around the country. Sometimes, they try to create different customized shows and features for their readers and audience throughout the country. But the television programs are in their infancy.

Moreover, there are some periodicals and newsletters are also available here. They are published by the Catholic churches. And the ration of the internet users is also limited in the country.

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