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The media outlets in the island enjoy a good amount of freedom than different island nations. Usually, the state or the government tries to dominate the media outlets. They do not want to tolerate their criticisms. But the scenario is different here. The media outlets are able to publish news and information to some extent. The freedom of the media is ensured by the state and so, they are able to work independently. The state does not interfere with the media issues at all unless there are no serious events take place. Thereby, this is a great relief for the media outlets which is unavailable to many of the states in the world.

The media outlets play an important role in the island to make people aware of different issues. Actually, the media outlets here are the key source of information for the people, particularly the radio. This is an important and key source for the people to know about the world and their surroundings. Most of the people have their access to the radio station across the island. So, they listen to the radio stations too much to be aware of the events. Besides, the radio stations also broadcast bulletins in different hours of the day to inform people about the happenings so that they could be in touch with the remaining world.

Regarding the use of the language, people mostly use the English. But some other local dialects are also applied there. But the newspapers and the other media outlets broadcast and publish their contents using the English and a couple of the local dialects. The application of the English is thus frequent in the country for the publication. The newspapers prefer to use this particular language as the number of the English readers is more than the other languages. And the most important thing is that this is the official language of the country. Besides, this is easier for the tourists and outsiders as well to go through English dailies.

The newspapers, radio stations and television channel mostly cover the generalized issues. But they have some special types of programs too for their particular audience. They customize the programs based on the needs and necessities of the audience group. But the media outlets are aware of some issues. When they find something sensational, and or threat to the nation, they censor the issues. They do not publish any such information that may create anarchy in the country. In fact, they impose a self-censorship in such cases.

At present, there are two newspapers are available here. And they are published from Monday to Friday. So, the readers need to wait in the remaining days to get the newspapers. Interestingly, the newspapers are also available in online. Due to the access to the internet, the people can enjoy the online versions of the newspapers. But the print editions are too much attractive for many of the readers.

The island has five radio stations altogether. The stations are available across the islands and broadcast a notable number of programs and events. In fact, they have their targeted audiences and they customize the shows for them. Among the five stations, three are FM while two are AM.

Besides, there is a television channel available on the island. The television shows and episodes are attractive. Some of the popular television shows have a class of audience who really enjoy them.

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