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The overall media scenario in the islands is adorable. The media outlets have their freedom and the state also assists them in their expression. So, survival for the media outlets is not a big concern for them. And the media outlets are aware of some issues. When they broadcast or publish any specific news and event, they do not get involved in controversial issues. So, the government is liberal to them. In fact, the government itself does not want to be involved in such matters where the reputation will come under risks.

This is really a praiseworthy mater that the media outlets do not care about the political issues of the country. The outlets always try to serve with the latest information and before publishing or broadcasting; they authenticate the news and information. When the issues are too sensitive, they do not allow the publications. Moreover, in such cases, the media outlets try to cover up the issues with some other types of news and information for the audiences. If there are shortages of such interesting pieces, they try to cover the spaces with foreign news and views. But they always disallow the controversial issues for their own benefits.

The English language is the most used language for the media outlets. In fact, the media outlets prefer to use the English for its wide acceptance. The language is known all over the world and has a global acceptance of its easy-going nature. So, the media outlets have started using the language since their inception. All the media outlets including the newspaper, radio, and television have the same application. Besides, this is also suitable for the tourists there. And the nation was under the domination of the United States after the Second World War. As a result, the application of the English has become a mandatory one.

There are no regular newspapers available in the country. Rather, a weekly one is published here and that is owned by a private initiative. The weekly newspaper contains a good number of news and information for the readers across the nation. Besides, there is a monthly publication and that is owned by the government. Despite being a government publication, the monthly one does not reflect the political issues. The publication always avoids the political matters so that it can sustain in the business. The key content of the newspaper is about the world and surrounding happenings.

There are several radio stations available here. They are owned both by public and private initiatives. The radio broadcasts are highly interesting for the local people. In fact, this is the primary source of information for the local audience. They have their access to the radio and they come to know about the latest happenings. Besides, there are some other radio shows and events are also available here. Some of the foreign radio stations like BBC is also available here.

The number of the television station is few. The locals have their access to the US TV and that is via a cable network. The television channels broadcast a wide number of interesting issues. Most of the people enjoy the television shows and get entertained/
The internet use is not so much prevalent here. And so, the growth of the internet-based media outlets is not available. There are several reasons for the internet failure here and a higher price of the internet is one of the most prominent ones.

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