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The media outlets in Nauru have not grown like the other countries. In fact, this is the smallest republic of the world and so, the necessity of the media outlets is limited. Formerly, it was a British colony and has gained independence after lots of struggle. But the media outlets remained the same as it was before the independence. The success of the outlets did not actually take place for several reasons. The number of readers is fewer while people also do not have the interest on the surrounding happenings. If they had the interest to know about the world, they would have arranged for the media outlets in their state.

The existing media outlets are operating through different drawbacks. They need to get financial and other necessary inputs from the government to run their operation. In fact, the media outlets are unable to operate solely and they need some financial support from the government in this case. Since the media outlets have no other ways to grow revenues to meet their expenses, they are unable to run independently. They do have fewer advertisement scopes and the most important thing is that there are less such scopes of advertisements for products and services in the country.

The number of media outlets is also limited in the country. There is only a single television station available in the country while the number of the radio station is the same. The country has only two fortnightly newspaper. All the media outlets provide a general sense of events happenings around. The majority of the news and events are about the local and international happenings. Sometimes, they also publicize the interesting news of the local regions. But they skip the political issues carefully for some reasons. As the government supports the media outlets both direct and indirect manner, they do not go into any action that may bring the government down.

Besides, there are some other important issues that have brought the country in some controversial position. The country is allegedly overcrowded and there are some other issues about the asylum-seeker detention camp. Moreover, different quarters have made allegations about the violation of human rights in the country too. All the matters have largely contributed to make the country impoverished in terms of media outlets. And the mainstream media outlets skip the issues to avoid criticisms.

The country has two fortnightly newspapers and a state-run bulletin. They contain diversified news and information for the nationwide readers.

The only television station is owned by the state and broadcasts a wide range of programs for the audience. The programs are mostly gathered from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Nauru Broadcasting Service runs the local radio station. It broadcasts local contents from Radio Australia and BBC.

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